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Thursday, February 7, 2013

[VIDEO] MAC Archie's Girls Haul + Review - Live Demo + Swatches

Alright so normally I don't only post videos on here without additional content. I will be doing a regular blog post in Part 2 but I really wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible since the collection launches TODAY in MAC stores! 

Be back later with some close up shots : ) 
Not sure how much I will be writing since I feel like I said all I needed to say in this video but I think some additional photos would be helpful.

I decided not to update with further pictures just because pretty much everything from the collection is sold out : ( I hate to tease you guys plus I feel like it makes it not really relevant anymore. 

Products mentioned:

All from MAC's Archie's Girls Collection - (Also all from the Betty line.)

- Betty Bright Lipstick $16.50

- Girl Next Door Lipstick (Possible Dupe Mentioned in the video!) $16.50

- Summer Sweetheart Lipglass $16.50

- Stay Sweet Lipglass $16.50

- Cream Soda Blush $22

- Flatter Me Pearlmatte Powder $30

Have a great day! Happy shopping and I'll talk to you a bit later. 

I am now exhausted! I've been up for like 31 hours straight >_< 

By the way - I posted a new picture on EEVEE's blog and will be putting up some cute puppy throw backs for #TBT : ) 

Check it out! 



  1. Really wanted to pick up one of the Betty lipsticks, but sadly they Sold Out online. Thanks for reviewing the items though! I might try to grab them in store instead.

  2. Beautiful, love your VLOGs. Really love the lipsticks!
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. Is this a US exclusive or something? I still haven't seen them released, not even at the freestanding MAC store (I'm from Canada).

    1. I think it just released in the US first. Other countries will get it next month or so from what I am told by my subscribers

  4. I really wanna try the Betty Bright lipstick in store. Great review. I still think it looks nice on you though :-)

    xx Christal xx

  5. Thanks for this Holly, I love the colour of your sweater ;)

  6. I really love the colour of your sweater and make-up, it's so soft and beautiful! Unfortunately I no longer buy MAC due to personal reasons, but doesn't mean I can't still "lust" after them LoL ;)

  7. I feel the same way about bright lipsticks. I actually do really like them, but when I put it on, even lightly, I look like a clown...hopefully a friendly clown at least =]

  8. Hi Holly, I met you and Steve at the mall yesterday and just wanted to say thanks for being sweet and taking a picture with me and my baby bump. Was bummed I forgot to ask Steve for a pic too! Love your videos as always, especially the style driven ones! Thanks again :)