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Friday, February 1, 2013

Fresh Paint: Essie Sugar Daddy - Underrated (And meeting Josh Holloway? Yes.)

Painted my nails yesterday with one of my all time FAVORITE polishes, Essie Sugar Daddy,  and decided to do a little post about it. Mainly because I feel like this shade is pretty underrated and I wanted to give it the credit I think it deserves!

If you've never tried this polish I can't say that I blame you. 

(To be fair, had I not seen a picture of this on Instagram I probably would have never tried it either.) It is very sheer (like typical old school Essie polishes) and the color is not very unique but those are some of the reasons I love it. 

Clean looking.
Great base for french manicures or any type of tip design.
Applies evenly & smoothly.
2-3 Coats = Perfection.

(Forgot to take a picture of it in regular light with the top coat but there wasn't too much of a difference, just glossier.)


See Pic Posted Below: 

 This was taken at night inside a restaurant but I was really impressed with how glossy my nails looked.


Everything I used for my manicure start to finish -

If you would like to see what I do for my nails - CLICK HERE to watch the video

I always use OPI Nail Envy for my base coat. I really think it helps to keep my nails from breaking. (For those of you that didn't know - my nails are natural) I have gone through at least 3 bottles of this. 

And then of course you have to top it off with the Seche Vite - best top coat I have ever used! Dries fast, smoothes over mistakes if you have any. It also keeps my polish on a lot longer.

Overall I think Essie 'Sugar Daddy' just gives such a clean look to my nails. The color is great for my skin tone and it gives me that acrylic look (I think at least), which I actually really like. Also this is one of the only sheer pink polishes I've tried that applies so evenly without any additional effort.

 The only other polish I would say compares is, OPI 'You callin me a Lyre?' (Limited Edition) - another amazing, clean looking polish. 

As far as I'm concerned those two are the best. 
(If I paint my nails that color soon I will post pics to compare)

For reference:
 I hate Essie Ballet Slippers (so hard to apply evenly and too white for my liking)
I use to like OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy but I find that it just doesn't apply as easily for me, plus I like the way these cooler toned pinks (vs. peachy pinks) look on my nails. They look cleaner and brighter. 

Anyway....sorry this blog post was late I was busy meeting this guy last night...

Haha. Any LOST fans? 
Josh Holloway.

Last night we went to Sony for a screening of the new movie Steve is in, Battle of the Year, coming out this September. 
Afterwards we all went to get food and what not, that's where this picture was taken. SUCH a nice guy! Very down to earth. (I love his dimples.)

But yeahhhh that's why the post is up late. I actually haven't slept yet. I'm trying to pull an all nighter to fix my sleep schedule so we shall see how that goes. O_O Wish me luck! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! You'll have to excuse if it's a bit off. I feel like my brain is frazzled being up for so long. 

Thank you for reading! Talk to you tomorrow. 



  1. OMG! Love LOVE your jacket! Also, have you seen the Lindsey in Shoemint this month? Thought the white version looked similar to your style :)

    1. thank you! No I haven't yet - I'll go take a look right now!

  2. I love that you're blogging again! Time to catch up on your posts! :)

  3. Omggggg so jelly you met Josh!!! I'm watching lost right now and LOVING it!!! :)

    1. hahaha <3 I was pretty excited. I'll probably see him again this year since he's in the movie with my bf : )

  4. so happy to see your blogging again!! btw, LOVE the chloe flats. xo

    1. thank youuuu : ) me too! omg you have to try them on!

  5. Holly, you should really try OPI's Passion. It's similar and also gives a really clean look to the nails. Love your posts!!

  6. Holly, you should really try OPI's Passion. I think it's similar to this essie polish, and also gives a shiny, clean look. I LOVE your posts on here btw.

  7. Hi Holly I loooove your posts and videos...just wanted to applaud you on your dedication in updating more frequently than most people without compromising quality - in fact your reviews are some of the most thorough and informative ones (:

    Anyway I also recommend Orly's Nailtrition. It's been great at keeping my nails healthy (no splitting, much less peeling, minimal staining) so definitely worth considering if you're looking to try anything new (or old, haha it's been around for the longest time), though I'm not sure about how well it works on longer nails like yours because I have to keep them shortish for the hospital

    Love from hong kong <3

    P.s. you make me want to start writing my own reviews :p

    1. Thank you so much : ) I will def. take a look next time I go to CVS! Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. I'm gonna have to check this polish out! I love Seche Vite but it does get super goopy in the bottle after awhile:/ But I'll continue to repurchase! Btw you look HOT in that picture! ;)

    1. this one i am holding is my first bottle and as you can see i still have a decent amount in there. its very rare that i use a polish more than 2 or so times (because i have so many to try out all the time) but this is a go to for me especially if i want to do any designs.

  9. Love the nail polish. I love soft pink polishes.

  10. Your nails always look so perfect! Definitely going to have to check out these polishes <3
    Thanks x

  11. that looks like a perfect nude...

  12. Love the soft pink polishes. =} Nice post. Have a great weekend!!


  13. Holly, Is there anything special you do to not make the Essie Sugar Daddy so opaque? On your nails the color looks great! On mine, I can see the tip of my nail coming through a lot :/

    1. nope i just apply it as I normally would any other polish. i really try to take my time and make sure everything is even.

  14. woohooo so many new posts from you :D:D

    don't know about sheer me they take too much work hahaa *lazy* but it looks so nice on your perfectly shaped nails!

    Laura x

  15. Holly, you should definitely try Essie True Love. It's quite sheer like Sugar Daddy but once you build it up with a few coats, it'll look jelly like this as well and give you the acrylic look!


  16. are you still on cali time? or is it +3 hours again? hahaha :)
    how cool! i think i met him once too.. can't remember.
    you always look soooo put together btw, love it. I need to strive to be better at that!

  17. Good tips! I wouldnt have tried this polish out but i decided to after reading your blog & im loving it!! Super natural but not too shear, thanks ! (:

  18. He is a hottie! Can't believe you met him!!