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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little Luxuries - A day of firsts. (Haul - Nars, Dior, Sara Happ)

This actually goes along with yesterday's post as it is the rest of my haul from Sunday. 
After I went to LUSH I stopped by Sephora to visit one of my subscribers that works there and also passed through Nordstrom. 

Now truth be told I have not used most of these products yet aside from testing them at the store so this post will strictly be a haul - NOT a review but you can look forward to hearing my thoughts on these products in my February Hits & Misses on my YouTube channel. : )

NARS Limited Edition 'AND GOD CREATED THE WOMAN' Palette - Available at Sephora

First up we'll start with NARS - now this is my first and only NARS eye palette but for obvious reasons I could not resist! 

It looks like it will be a great neutrals palette to travel with and I am obsessing over it's slim size! (It's about the same size as the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (which I also love) but looks a bit more narrow to me.)

I don't own many NARS shadows (I have 2 single shadows) but this set had one color I already knew I liked, Galapagos, and one color I was planning to buy as a single shadow, Coconut Grove. There was also a lighter matte color that looked like it would be great for the crease and lower lash line! 

This kit also comes with a small #3 brush and deluxe sample size primer.

NARS Limited Edition 'AND GOD CREATED THE WOMAN' Palette - Available at Sephora

Colors Include: 

Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalahari, 
Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing

NARS Limited Edition 'AND GOD CREATED THE WOMAN' Palette Swatches for

My only fear with this palette is that it may be too dark for my regular eye looks but I won't know until I try it out! I'll keep you posted : )

Retail $59

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Pressed) in Translucent Crystal

Another thing I thought was pretty neat is this 'Light Reflecting Setting Powder' in Translucent Crystal. (Don't you just love the name?!)

This comes in two forms, loose or pressed, I chose the pressed for connivence but both are the same price. 

Description from

What it is:
A weightless, translucent powder for all skintones that creates a soft matte finish that looks luminous in any light.

What it does:
This setting powder enhances the look of foundation without a trace of color, extending makeup wear thanks to the NARS exclusive Light Reflecting Complex™, which optimizes light-reflection on the skin. Its silky powder is infused with Photochromic Technology, which diffuses light and adjusts to new sources of light throughout the day. Soft, silky and luxurious to the touch and undetectable on the skin, this weightless formula applies evenly and blends effortlessly. One of the best parts? Fine lines, wrinkles, and pores optically fade as skin is visibly smoothed. Additionally, revolutionary microfine mineral powders are loaded with glycerin and antioxidant vitamin E to help guard against dryness and keep skin comfortable all day. Ideal for touch-ups, it helps regulate shine throughout the day and seamlessly sets foundation. This product is paraben- and fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

     Now when I swatch this it feels a lot like an HD translucent setting powder (a little grittier) where it gives a bit of a slick feeling to the skin and it really does look pretty invisible! (It does not look shimmery)

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Pressed) in Translucent Crystal

Not sure how I am going to like this product but I am eager to test it out! I did see a post on this yesterday by my friend, Jessica of Beautezine, and now I am regretting purchasing the pressed over the loose. I'll link her post HERE so you can find out why. She's got some great shots and additional information on the product so check it out!

Retail $34

Dior Dior Addict Lipstick in #214 Tulle

The last thing I purchased at Sephora was this Dior Addict Lipstick in #214 Tulle.
 I've never owned or tested one of these before but was totally inspired by one of LisaLisaD1's recent videos. Again. 
(lol. we have very similar taste so anything she loves I always want to try out!)

Dior Dior Addict Lipstick in #214 Tulle

Dior Dior Addict Lipstick in #214 Tulle

This is described as a light beige on the Sephora site but I would say it leans with a bit of pink as well. 

I did try this at the store and really loved the way it looked on! Not totally obsessed or anything but it's a nice, natural lipstick that's no muss no fuss! 

No need for liner or gloss just a pretty lipstick to throw on and complete your look. 

Dior Dior Addict Lipstick in #214 Tulle - swatched for

From the colors I've seen I think this one suits my taste the best but there were a couple others that grabbed my interest as well. 

One of the things I love most about this lipstick so far is the way it feels! Sooo creamy and smooth like a really great lip balm. 

I've also heard people say these are comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters and I would say yes, they are close in texture and give a similar look. Not total dupes but similar. The thing that most sets the Dior apart from the Revlon (aside from the price) for me is the color selection! The colors that were available from Dior just flattered my skin tone more and overall gave me the type of look that I like. I really struggle with the Lip Butters to find colors that I LOVE. (Out of the 20 Lip Butters I only like about 5)

Retail $31

Sara Happ - The Lip Scrub in Peppermint

Lastly, I was finally able to get my hands on the Sara Happ Peppermint Lip Scrub when I went to Nordstrom!

I am currently using the LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub (per yesterday's post) and I love it but I really wanted to see what all the hype was about! 

(Really looking for the Sara Happ Lip Slip but that was sold out. I was happy to find this scrub though because the Peppermint flavor was sold out online when I tried to purchase it before. You know me and my mint! Gotta have it.)

Sara Happ - The Lip Scrub in Peppermint

Now I was able to try this out after I took these photos and I have to say I am not 100% sure that I like it yet.

It is definitely softer and less abrasive than the LUSH but seems a lot more moisturizing.
You can tell there is a lot of oil in the product, I'd say more oil than scrub, and also the peppermint is not as strong. 

The Sara Happ is 1 oz. while the LUSH is .08 oz - not a huge difference but the Sara Happ is more than double the price. 

My lips seemed too look a little better after using the Sara Happ vs. the LUSH since it was less abrasive and left them more moisturized after I wiped off the excess but I'm still not completely sold. I will need to keep trying this product. 

Probably the saddest thing for me with this new scrub - the directions don't say to eat it. LOL. 
(I actually don't think it's gross - I know there is a lot of debate over that but you ingest the skin on your lips (not to mention your lip products) anyway and if you are someone that exfoliates regularly or your lips aren't super chapped not much really comes off. 

But LUSH Mint Julips tastes so good! 
(for a while when I first got it I was basically just eating it. >_<) I did lick my lips a bit with the Sara Happ just to try it (I mean it comes in so many flavors it seems almost cruel not to be able to taste it!)and the flavor was very subtle. Disappointing. Also with all that oil in there it really wasn't too pleasant. : ( I definitely don't recommend eating or tasting these because I don't think ingesting all that oil would be a good thing. Even though it's a small amount it just doesn't feel right to me. Plus the directions say to wipe it off. Womp wommmp. 

I will test it further though and give you a more definite opinion after I've had some time to use it more regularly.

Retail $24


Hope you have enjoyed reading this post! That's it for my Hauls for a bit. I hope to start doing some more fashion related posts soon (OOTD, Shoe Reviews, etc.) as well as posting more videos! : )

Thank you again for taking the time to read and follow my blog - it is much appreciated!  

Also since I am blogging daily now I have started a blog for EEVEE that I hope to keep up with! (I figure if I'm already blogging every day it shouldn't be hard to post a picture of her at the same time)

We've decided to call it 'EEVEEinu - Your Daily Dose of Shiba'- so I hope some of you will check it out! It will be a lot easier for me than running her Instagram since I won't have to sign out and back in, etc. (But I do plan on continuing to post on Instagram for her so fear not lol)

Have a wonderful day and I will talk to you tomorrow!



  1. Really cool post :) enjoyed it!

  2. I have been loving your posts lately!!

  3. Ohh! I can't wait to see your review on the Nars eyeshadow palette! I've been eyeing it for a while, but wasn't sure if I wanted to dish out the extra money. lol. I need something to justify buying it.

  4. Absolutely love, love, love the palette color combination! At first when I saw it on Sephora website, it didn't seem like they were pretty colors, but after seeing the swatches on your blog I liked it so much (I've never really found NARS eyeshadow duo or palette combo appealing) that I had to blab about it on my blog. Thanks for the update! I'll be looking forward to your review on it. :)

    1. : ) thanks! im gonna try it out today for a video so we'll see how it looks : )

  5. This Nars eyeshadow palette looks lovely. Definitely the kind of shades I would turn to, though like you said, might be a little dark for an everyday use. Can't wait to know what you think after you've used it!

    1. : ) im gonna try and use it today for a video so we'll see how it looks!

  6. OOo I didn't even know about this NARs eyeshadow palette!! I've been trying to budget myself on makeup and have been out of the loop on what's new at Sephora. ah!

    xo – Sheila
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  7. haha you're tellin me! ive been trying to cut down >_< i couldnt resist though!

  8. omgosh the nars eyeshadow palette looks so nice, maybe for me a little too dark but still looks awesome

  9. I HATE the Sara Happ lip scrub. I got it and the lip slip, spent $50, sent it right back to Dermstore and went back to Lush. Nothing beats Lush lip scrub. Sara Happ was GROSS!

  10. I'm a big fan of lip scrubs! I always look at everyone's lips then I am dying to suggest them lip scrubs!! I feel like not many people know such an amazing product exists! Dry, chapped lips are my pet peeve..especially with lipstick on top. AHHHH I'm going to die right now thinking about it. lol

  11. This is off topic but have you ever tried organic/natural cosmetics? Are you familiar with Eccobella skincare proucts? On your last video post you talked about the Body Shop toner and how it's not perfect etc. I had the same problem, I was never really satisfied with any products (or at least for some reason I wanted to change to new ones after a while!) but since I started using Ecco bella I haven't had to look further! And if you have any experience on any organic cosmetics I'd really love to hear :)

  12. Holly! Just want to say that I absolutely LOVE that you're back to blogging :) I really enjoy your videos and your personality definitely shines through in your blog posts! I think it's also really cute and oddly comforting when you write "I'll see you back here tomorrow" haha. Keep doing what you do! <3

  13. Super addicted (no pun intended) to the Dior lipsticks! I find they don't wear as long as others but I have a problem with a lot of lipsticks causing my lips to peel which Dior does not. Really like #222 in neutral beige for everyday color. Another really great post Holly!! Gosh you make me want to start a blog! LOL!

  14. Oops #222 in Beige Casual ... man it's definitely Wednesday!

    1. haha I'll take a look at it next time I go to Sephora! Thanks

  15. I was debating on the eyeshadow palette from Nars myself...but I think you are swaying me towards buying rather than not. I have the same fear that it might be too dark as well...I'll wait to hear your verdict!

  16. Dior lipsticks remind me a lot of L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balms. I just can't fathom spending so much money on them for their drugstore-like Formula. I am, however, very smitten by the NARS palette. I don't own any NARS shadows, but I've been wanting to pick some up. Please include this in your Hits & Misses so I know whether or not I should even consider shelling out the $$$ for it.


    1. I don't see the similarity at all between those two honestly. I hate the Colour Riche Balms - returned all the ones I had. The Dior is def. a smoother, more pigmented, and not so greasy formula. If I thought there was a dupe out there I wouldn't pay the high price tag. I will let you all know in my Hits & Misses - it is limited edition though so I hope they will still have it by the end of the month!

  17. I just purchased my NARS shadow palette today and I am pretty excited to try it. :) Have you gotten a chance to use it yet? You should do a tutorial if you end up liking it!