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Thursday, June 12, 2014

NEW Maybelline The Nudes Palette + Swatches

In stores July 2014 - Maybelline The Nudes Palette. 

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Heavy Swatches. 

One swipe swatches. 

All swatches are done with NO PRIMER.

Initially these shadows did not swatch this strong but after using them this was the result. 

Naturally some are more pigmented than others depending on the finish. There are some shimmers, mattes, metallics and glitter infused shades in this palette. I would only consider a few of them "super pigmented" but honestly I have always hated how that seems to be the way many people classify a good shadow vs. a bad shadow. It really depends on what you are using the colors for and what your taste is. 

So far my two favorite shades in the palette are the bronze on the top row (4th color in) - by far the most pigmented shadow in the palette (this color is right on par with Urban Decay and MAC quality/payoff) - and the black which is the last color in the second row. I am not really one for black eye shadow - I NEVER use it but I tried this one in a look and REALLY liked it. It's a very soft and wearable black that blends easily. I like that it is not overwhelming and that you can build it up vs. a super pigmented black that gets everywhere and takes forever to blend. This color does swatch the worst in my opinion but it's a great shadow - swatches aren't everything since that's generally not the way you will be wearing the colors. (Plus matte black shadows never really swatch that well)

The mattes seem to have very little to no fall out. 

Colors with the most fall out for me have been the gold (3rd in on the second row) and the first color on the first row which is kind of an iridescent white that shines pink with blue glitter specks (see third swatch photo) - but even then it wasn't extreme.

The questions everyone will want to ask me - 

Is this a dupe for the Naked Palette? 
No. The colors are actually quite different and there is a definite difference in texture etc. 

Would I recommend this Palette? 
Depends. I like it. I can see myself using this palette frequently. I can even see myself hitting pan on several of the colors. 
However, if you have a ton of neutral palettes this one isn't really anything different or exciting other than the fact that it is a reasonably priced drugstore palette. If you've always had your heart set on a Naked palette this is NOT going to satisfy that need for you. I know a lot of people will be comparing this to the Naked palettes but honestly I think it's kind of it's own thing. 

Things I would change?
I wish there were a few more light, matte, blending colors. This palette is really lacking that. Even some of the lighter browns look really dark on my skin tone (and I'm pretty tan right now) and all but one of the light colors have some type of glitter or shimmer. Also I'd like a sheer matte white as that is my highlight color of choice : ) the peachy color in the palette actually comes out like a cream though so I guess close enough. 

Ohh it'd also be great if they had a warmer blending/transition color in here too! Although none of the Naked palettes have that either : \ 

I will have a tutorial using this palette on my channel soon so be sure and subscribe there!

Hope this was helpful! I actually was only planning on posting the swatches since I want to talk about this in a video but I figured that I would at least cover the bases here for those wondering. This is only my second day with the palette so when I do my video I will have had some more time to play around with it. These are just my initial impressions. Today is my first time wearing a look done with this palette. Be sure to follow my on Instagram to see some sneak peek looks before the video goes up!

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  1. This was extremely helpful! I hope the palette will be released in the UK as well, but I have a feeling it'll take a long time fot that to happen.

  2. waiting for your tutorial video using this palette Holly !!
    love the color in it
    but i agree with you, the palette needs a few more light matte blending colors..

  3. Interesting palette!

    Jaymee x

  4. Great review with great swatches!
    I totally agree with you that it's not fair to judge a shadow by how pigmented it is -- it's definitely all about taste and preference. Thanks for this review & I definitely look forward to seeing your tutorial :)


  5. Wow, the colour range is great especially for everyday use. Thanks for the review~



  6. The gold shadow is so pretty! I will definitely be getting this. Here's to hoping that it's released in Denmark, too! Wee : D

  7. Great review! This seems like a decent palette to travel or keep in purse for touch ups since it's relatively inexpensive compared to the Naked.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  8. i'd take matte over shimmers anyday anytime.
    Nice pallette tho.
    The Beautiful Eagle

  9. It really looks nice, especially for a drug store eyeshadow palette.

  10. Just found your blog, it´s amazing. Following you now =) The palette looks good. It#s a bit like the naked I guess. I think I might buy it until I found a naked to buy.
    Have a wondeful day, dear! ❤

  11. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.

    Love John Setrodipo

  12. these are all such pretty colors. I suppose this could be a cheaper alternative to the Naked palette.

  13. Lovely review! Your blog is amazing, just started following you!