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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today's Damage. #HumpdayHaul

Just a little #HumpdayHaul 
(lol idk if thats an actual thing but if its it is.)

Didn't end up doing too much today. 

Got some stuff done around the apt.

Made some calls.

Organized some paperwork.

Went through some emails.

Then we decided to head to the mall to run errands. 
(Picked up my Chanel Flats that were being repaired. I ended up returning them anyway because they are so uncomfortable and now that I have the Chloe Flats that I posted about yesterday I wanted nothing to do with the Chanel - plus the Chanel Flats are $625 before tax which is way too much in my opinion for a pair of flats. 
(I had returned a pair of Manolos when I had purchased the Chanels so at the timeeee it didn't see bad as I only paid like $100 additional))

but I digress....

We grabbed some quick dinner & Steve tried on a few pairs jeans at Lucky Brand. 
(I bought him 2 pairs that look great on him for his Birthday/Valentines Day) 

Now for the part you will actually be interested in >_< 
(hey, you guys are always asking for daily vlogs - I am horrible at daily vlogs so this is what you get! lol)

Last two places we stopped: Nordstrom & Target.

Then this happened.

I've always kind of wanted to get one of these BCBGeneration Bracelets and I know they aren't superrr popular anymore but I don't care I wanted to get one anyway. 

Of course I chose the gold and white - it says DREAM which...I'm not overly passionate about but the only other ones they had were 'True <3' - no. And now looking back I can't remember what the other one said but I thought this was something positive (that no one could take offensively lol). (not to mention white and gold is typically mahh thannggg)

(they really need to make a 'Cat Lover' or 'Shiba Owner' bracelet and then I'll be all over it. LOL)

Retail: $18

(You can view other styles and sayings HERE - I just saw one that says INSPIRE - I would have preferred that one. 

Now this was TOTALLY inspired by one of my favorite ladies to watch on YouTube, LisaLisaD1

She uses this every day and always raves about it so I wanted to give it a go. (Made sure I purchased it from Nordstrom so if I don't like it I can bring it back!) 

Hopefully it will help me banish my dark circles, for the day at least! >_<

I chose the color 1 corrector because that's what Lisa uses and also because the other looks very dark for my skintone. (It only comes in 2 shades) 

I've never had much luck with these salmon colored products but I have hope that this may work. The consistency is really light and really easy to blend from what I can tell so far. 
(I just got these products today so you'll have to wait for next month's Hits & Misses video to find out how it goes)

Retails: $37 

(I actually had a return so it only cost me $18 & change additional out of pocket)

Then a quick stop at MAC.

If you watched my January Empties Video you know that I am currently going through my collection to get rid of and use up some of my stuff. I had a few MAC empties I had been holding on to (finished before I started these videos) and found a few MAC lipglasses which I calculated I 've had for about...9 years. It was time to let those go. lol. 

I had enough to get one Back 2 MAC item 
and I ALWAYS go for the eyeshadows! It's really the best deal. 

(If you are not familiar with what Back 2 MAC is basically when you have SIX empty plastic or glass MAC containers you can trade them in for 1 Lipstick/1 Lipglass/1 Eyeshadow. I think getting an eyeshadow is the best choice because it will last the longest)

I ended up going with Charcoal Brown which is a matte shade. I've never had this before but I feel like I hear people talk about it and overall it just looks like a shade I would be into these days. (my how times change) 


(but I got it for FREE with the Back 2 MAC Program)

Then it was off to Target...

I bought another one of these Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Limited Edition lipsticks because...I have no damn self control lol. I have SIX from this collection now. WAYY more than I had anticipated purchasing. I thought maybe 2-3 but...this happened. 


To be fair this is the second shade I wanted when I purchased my first one but it was sold out and continued to be sold out at every store I went to. Naturally my curiosity got the best of me. 

The color I picked up this time is Vibrant Mandarin and much to my surprise it looks even better than I expected. Not sure when I will wear it but I'm glad I have it.

On my lips it looks more like an orangey red which is why I think I like it better than I thought it was going to. They also have a straight up orange one but I am going to pass on that. 

(If you're wondering my favorites from the collection are Neon Red and Brazen Berry - I find them to be the most flattering on me.)

Retails: $5.49 (at Target)

(Plus 5% OFF if you have a RED CARD - you can just link your debit card)

^THIS happens when you start watching other people's empties videos. -__-

I was watching
Michele1218's empties video and she had mentioned this Revlon PhotoReady Primer and how much she had enjoyed it. She also said it wasn't a silicone feeling primer (which I HATE and don't use) but more of a moisturizer type. 

I was intrigued. 

I pretty much just carried it around Target deciding if I wanted to purchase it or not and in the end I just went for it. 

When I got home I tried it out on my hands and it's a little greasier feeling than I would have imagined and also has a terrible scent to it >_< ....but I shall try it out anyway. 

Wish me luck. 

Retails: $10.49 (at Target)

(Plus 5% OFF if you have a RED CARD - you can just link your debit card)

She had also mentioned some type of body scrub from Target that I became interested in but when I got there I couldn't remember the name or the scent so I just looked around and found this. (I think it might be the same brand?)

w/ Green Tea and Avocado

I basically chose this based on scent plus it seemed pretty "natural". (It's organic, no animal testing, no parabens, no synthetic fragrance, no synthetic color, no sulfates, etc.)  Much to my surprise it smells nothing like Olive Oil, Green Tea OR Avocado. I was elated. It actually has a very strong, yet pretty floral scent. (Me likey) 

I'm excited to try this out in the shower tonight when I get back from the gym. (I don't have a set workout routine or schedule - I just try to get some cardio and whatever else I can in when I have some time.)

Retails: $10.29 (at Target)

(Plus 5% OFF if you have a RED CARD - you can just link your debit card)

Lastly I picked up a candle. This was just a random buy. I had never seen these before at Target and I had never seen a Cotton Candy scented candle before. I love Cotton Candy! I needed to see how close they had gotten to capturing its sugary sweet scent!

At first whiff I thought they hit the nail right on the head. It was very true to scent and not over powering at all. I has Steve smell it and he liked it as well so it was sold at that point.

I think I got use to the scent though because after a while it didn't really smell too much to me. (Probably had something to do with the fact that I had my nose in the candle for like 5 minutes.)

I am burning it now as we speak.
 (or as I type and you later read) 

I still feel like it's not overly scented but I'll have to step out of the room for a bit and come back in to know for sure. (again I have the candle probably way too close to me. I just wanted to smell it! And it looks pretty.)

We'll see how it goes. I'll try and update on one of my many social networks. 

Scent Portfolio Soy Candle 
in Sweet Spun Sugar

Retails: $10 (at Target)

(Plus 5% OFF if you have a RED CARD - you can just link your debit card)

So that's pretty much it. I also picked up a few odds and ends 

(laundry detergent, packaging tape, orange juice, a few sweaters 
and a bookcase for my shoes.... : )
but we'll save that one for another post ;) 

I hope you enjoyed! 
Thank you for reading and I shall see you back here tomorrow.   


  1. I really enjoy the Revlon primer. It definitely is more like a moisturizer and feels much more creamier than a silicone primer. I have combo skin and it does a pretty good job of mattifying my skin and creating a smooth canvas for my liquid foundations.

    1. glad to hear it! i am more hopeful now : ) thanks!

  2. Love these daily blogs! I've been watching your videos for such a long time that it's like reading a letter from a friend :) Very interested to see how the master corrector works for you. I've been on the fence about getting it.

    1. aww thank you so much : ) very sweet - yeah i cant wait to be able to try it! itll be in my February hits and misses (not this up coming one) thanks again! <3

    2. Yes! I really like these daily blogs too! It is like reading a letter and sometimes more convenient to check out than a vid. I'm using Laura Mercier's primer now... Have you tried it before? If so, how does it compare to the Revlon Photo ready primer?

      >_~ andrea

  3. Your blog is amazing, I really hope you keep up with it :3. Have you tried the new too faced lipsticks? I just picked one up yesterday and I really love it !! They have some really pretty nudes and pinks if you're interested <3

    1. thank you so much! yep i talked about them in a hits and misses as well as a favorites video when they first came out :)

  4. I love those candles! I've burned through two of the big ones already. Such a lightly sweet scent, not overpoweringly tacky like most cotton candy things! Really makes my apt feel instantly cozier and happier :)

  5. Im so excited your doing these. I would love the vlogs better but im not gonna complain at least im getting these. Thanks so much. Keep keeping it real thts wat I love about u :)

  6. I have been really into body scrubs lately so I can't wait to buy this one! How did you like it?

  7. I am loving your blog!
    What I love most is the fact that it seems like you write as if you're talking... for some reason I can visualize (?) watching your youtube video as I'm reading all this.


    oh love the stuff in the brackets too, it's just quirky

  8. I know what you mean by getting immune to the scent. That happens to everyone. At first, it smells so good and later on "where'd the scent go??". I love cotton candy too and I've been wanting to get anything in that scent! Thanks for sharing! :) I wonder if the hubby will like it though. He hates anything "dessert-like" scents at home.

  9. I LOVE how regularly you're blogging!!!! <3 <3 <3
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the GA master corrector... saw Bubz use this in her bridal tutorial and it looks pretty promising.
    Holly, if you have the time, could you do a drugstore body wash/lotion recommendation post or video?? (if you have any, that is). I've tried so many but can never seem to find a good one :/ Thanks in advance :)

  10. Lovely post! you write so well.. love it:)


  11. I'm loving your daily blogs :) something to look forward everyday.

  12. I use the Charcoal brown eyeshadow on my brows but haven't tried it on the eyes. Let me know how you like it!

  13. PS. Not sure if you already knew this, but today the BCBGeneration bracelets are on Ideeli :) Might check that out if you want to buy more.

  14. Love this blog! ! I so agree. They r like letters from a friend. Plus I have to buy everything u like.haha long time subscriber to your videos and adore u!!

  15. I love the candle! I am so glad you are doing blogs as well now!!! I have been following your videos for about a year now!

  16. Just wanted to say, I didn't use to read your blogs but I'm so glad you've started blogging again! I love it! Please keep blogging! <3 Do let us know about the armani corrector, so curious about it~

  17. hello :) i just got back into blogging and you were one of my inspirations! thank you for sharing! i was wondering if you think the bracelet will look good on a thin wrist. my wrist is very small, around 6.5''

  18. Hi! I'm so happy you decide to blog again!! It feels like forever! haha Anyways just wanted to inform you that the Revlon primer you got was actually the wrong type for your skin. I'm not sure if it's just in new zealand but we have two kinds, the colour correcting primer and the normal photoready primer. The colour correcting primer is suitable for people with fair skin that have blemishes. Like it reduces redness/blemishes on very fair skin. For normal to dark skin, a regular primer will work just fine because we don't have as much red pigments we need to cover. But still I'd love to find out how it works. :-) I have the original photo ready primer and it works well, smells a bit though. :-)

    1. Thank you! But I DID buy the one that I wanted. I got the same one that the person I heard about it from had used. I did not want to try a different one because that's not the one that was recommended. I was not interested in the skin perfecting or whatever it was, one because I assumed the formula would be different since it was to give a smoothing effect. A lot of times those types of primers have silicone or a silicone feel which I do not like. Also - the girl that was using it is actually darker than me and has no blemishes to speak of. I myself have some dark spots due to past scars. Not much any more but still some. Either way the primer is pink which typically is for overall brightening and for dark spots - pink does not color correct redness in the skin - Thank you anyway though! I did get the one I wanted. I hope I like it - the smell is killin me though! And if feels greasier than she had described. I hope it doesn't break me out!