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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fashion Finds and FREE Chocolate ^_^

I haven't really purchased any normal clothing items in a while believe it or not. It's mostly been leggings and sweatshirts so I tried looking for a couple things yesterday. 

This is what I found. 

Chunky Knit Sweater from ANGL $42.99

The cut on this is super interesting - kind of like a mixture between a sweater and a poncho. 
Can't wait to show you in an OOTD post. 

This sweater is so soft and cuddly!

 Typically the items I've found at this store can be a little on the cheaply made side yet still kind of expensive for what you are getting but this piece was not only great feeling but a reasonable price considering how nice it feels. (I mean if it was less expensive that'd be great but I didn't mind paying the price since it felt so nice.)

Low Draping Studded Tank from BP in Nordstrom - $32

Now I know this doesn't look like much just hanging here but I think it could be really cool on. (I haven't tried it on yet) It drapes really low in the front and on the sides so it will be a great thing to wear with a fun bandeau! (Think Kendall and Kylie Jenner style) 

Love the flat top stud detailing and of course you know I love cream/white and gold. It's just always so great to layer. 

OOTD to come! 

'LOVE' White & Rose Gold BCBGeneration Bracelet - $18 at Nordstrom

I couldn't help myself. 
(pictured here with the one I purchased last week?)

Still keeping my eye out for ones that are a little more true to me (I mean come on who doesn't 'DREAM' and 'LOVE' appeal to) but I do want to stay within colors that I would normally wear which seems to be the difficult part right now. 

(More BCBGeneration Bracelets HERE)

I just know these will go with so much of my stuff!

Lastly I just wanted to let you know about a promotion Victoria's Secret is having right now.  

A FREE box of Vosges chocolates! O_O (with any $75 purchase)

I love this brand! Well, I haven't had them in probably almost 3 years but I loved them when I had them! (The ones I tried were different - cool, weird flavored truffles (The Ginger Wasabi - OMG)- so I'm not sure how these will be but for free with purchase I can't complain. Plus the box is cute.)

OMG never mind I just tried one - Still delicious. If you get this box try the 'LOVE' Chocolate - SOOO GOOD!

Also a neat little fun fact - Many of the chocolates in this box are named after Victora's Secret lines - i.e. Very Sexy, Dream Angel, Fabulous, etc. 


Also if you are a chocolate lover sign up for the Godiva membership! It's free and you can go in and get a 100% FREE piece of chocolate every month! I rarely go in and grab mine but if you want a little indulgence while you are shopping around definitely stop by.

Victoria's Secret PINK Yoga Sports Bra - $32.50 

Here is what I purchased from Victoria's Secret if you are wondering but I'm not sure how you guys feel about showing that kind of stuff so I didn't post a full out picture of them. 
(personally I don't see anything wrong with it since they are sports bras but idk.)

They are definitely the SEXIEST sports bras I've ever tried. Upon trying one on I immediately felt like a Pussycat Doll LOLLL. They come in XS, S, M, L type sizing - I purchased a Small (I wear a 32C bra at VS for reference) and I think they fit wonderfully! Not much stretch around the band so it can be a slight struggle to get on but once you get it on its great. Wish the material was a littleeeeee softer but hey I'm happy with them!

via hollyannaeree's Instagram

Also wanted to share my LOL Outfit of the Day from Instagram

Forgot it was Saturday and went to the mall in sweats >_< - I had just finished filming a tutorial so the makeup was done but I was only going to run errands (returns and to pick up presents) so I thought nothing of it. There were a TON of people there.     -__- Me and my pink pants. *le sigh* 

But by the end of the night I was owning it though!
 (well I was only there for 2 hours but you know what I mean)


Anyway I hope you are all having a great weekend! I should have some Outfit of the Day posts this week possibly with my new stuff : ) so look forward to that.

I will hopefully see you back here tomorrow!

I have still been posting on EEVEE's blog (more so than here) so check it out if you're interested in my fur baby! : P



  1. Personally, I don't mind if you show pictures of bras you buy and whatnot, no matter what the style. We see the bras in the stores, in the windows, on TV... they're just another piece of clothing to me so it's totally okay. Bikinis look the same, just worn for a different purpose. I don't see why bras are more taboo. So feel free to post pics of the ones you buy!

    1. thanks! yeah i wouldnt think it was anything bad either but people get crazy sometimes! i thought i'd ask here because its a little bit of an older, more mature, less judgmental crowd here on my blog - wanted to know know how my readers felt. i know i'd be crucified if i showed them on youtube lol.

  2. i was actually wondering what it looked like, haha. people just need to grow up -__- seriously. now i'm interested in the sports bra though, i hateee looking SOOOO flat when I work out.. not that.. it should matter.. but you know? maybe? hahaha.

    1. haha yeah these are awesome! i will have to wait to fully test them but i love the way they look on!

  3. Love your outfit today, casual and chic. Keep the blog post coming i'm loving it

  4. I love your sweater! The things you bought are so cute. I'm loving your style and of course, your blog (:

  5. oooo wonder if VS in London are giving away chocolates...

  6. I love those BCBG bracelets (I bought mine in rosegold and says "amore"). I am also loving you and Eevee's daily blogging :)

  7. Wow not bad $18 for those nice bracelets. Most place do over price their clothes but quality over quantity right?! Oh and those chocolates look so purrty lol. Atleast you felt comfortable on your shopping trip. :) take care.

  8. What's a brand of your sw. shirt? Looks nice :)