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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shoes, Monthly. February 2013

I actually found out about these Shoemint Lindsey Peep Toe Ankle Strap Pumps through one of you guys! (So thank you!) I was told they looked like they would be my style and sure enough I'm diggin' 'em! 

I will of course have to wait and see how they are in person. The last few Shoemint purchases have been disappointing for me, I've returned countless pairs. The quality just hasn't been as good in my opinion.

Luckily since I have had returns there are a couple credits on my account and I was able to order these at no additional out of pocket cost. 

The JustFab Zurich is a risk for me but for the price, it was one that I was willing to take.

I'm not typically into these lower/ankle boots because I don't think they are as flattering on me as other styles but that doesn't stop me from wanting to try! 

There are a few high end designer brands that have something similar but I really can't see spending that much money on a trend I am experimenting with.

You may remember that Zara had a pair like these JustFab Ankara strappy sandals a while back. I had always kicked myself for not getting them (I found out about them too late!) so I wanted to make sure to scoop these up!

Of course they don't look as good quality but I am hoping in person it won't be so obvious. JustFab is pretty hit or miss from what I have experienced. Some of their shoes are great quality for the price, others have been terrible so I am hoping to get lucky with these.


A couple other pairs was considering:

JustFab Rouen in NUDE - Love the look of this shoe! The nude color even comes with two different ankle straps. One matching the shoe's color, the other in black. (I think that was a really nice idea!) This shoe shape looks pretty flattering on just about everyone! (Also it's a great price point for some fun shoes.)

Why I didn't buy them: 

1. I am not sure of the fit quite yet. I usually wait for the reviews to start popping up on the site because I find them to be quite accurate. Similar styles from JustFab have run true to size for me in the past but every one in a while some will fit 1/2 size small, 1 full size small, 1/2 size large so I didn't want to risk it until I saw what others had to say.

2. I'm getting slightly over this design (meaning the Christian Louboutin Daffodil/Lady Daf rip offs that so many companies have been pumping out) - I have the Steve Madden Victoree, Steve Madden DejavuShoemint Edith, the JustFab Miley, not to mention a pair of Christian Louboutin Daffodils. I just feel like as good as they look (on/from the side) they are getting a little played out now. I don't wear mine very often because the front is so bulky giving them that slight "horse hoof" look and just overall I don't need the extra height.

Not sure if I will eventually cave but as of now I pass. 

JustFab Austin - Just because I have always wanted a pair of cowboy boots but really don't want to spend too much in case I can't pull them off. 

Why I didn't buy them:

1. Again I am concerned about the fit. These look like they would be true to size (even though I normally like to order a 1/2 size up in boots for some sock room) but I won't really know until the reviews start posting to the site.

2. I am afraid they will look too cheap. I've always wanted a pair of cowboy boots but I want a pair that are a little more authentic looking, something that will wear and break in giving that vintage look. After watching the video of the shoes on the site and how they move/flex I decided to pass on them. 

I'd say I probably won't buy these and just put cowboy boots back on the wish list. I'll wait until I make a trip to somewhere like Nashville and splurge on a pair as a souvenir there.


I hope you've enjoyed seeing my (monthly subscription) shoe selections for February. I just purchased them about an hour ago so I thought I would share especially since I don't typically do a YouTube video showcasing these purchases. If you are interested in how I end up liking them let me know. 

(I will probably post on my Twitter/Facebook unless you'd like an update in a future post)

Thanks so much for reading and an extra THANK YOU to those that have started following! 
Hope you have a great start to your weekend : ) See you again tomorrow! 


  1. I just bought the rouen in coral I'm booing to enjoy them. I also wanted the boots but decided to pass for your same reasons. I'm loving your blogs including your one thank u for what u do n for taking the time to do it. :-)

    1. ^_^ thank you so much - that means a lot to me : ) i am glad you are enjoying my posts! enjoy the shoes! let me know if they run true to size!

  2. Great post! I'm a long time sub (when you still lived back home) and always loved how much detail and thought you put into your work. It's hard to find a Youtuber/blogger that takes the time to really think about what they like or dislike about certain products rather than just saying EVERYTHING is a amazing.

    1. thank you : ) <3 I really appreciate that! and i know what you mean haha. people on youtube get so mad because i am "picky" (i like to think thorough but whatevs lol) but i cant tell you how many times ive purchased a product and been disappointed because all I had heard about it was "it's amazing".

  3. great shoe choices! I'm liking the double-strap ankles (Ankara). I have pair of flat sandals that are double-straps, but sometimes it gets to be a pain to put them on.

  4. I love reading your posts and I agree with what you said about those cowboy boots looking too cheap! Keep the posts coming :) and videos of course!

  5. I also bought the Zurich! I haven't had a good experience with JustFab ... but I'm hoping that these will work out!

  6. I agree with the design of the Rouens being overplayed. I spent so many months trying to find the perfect nude platform. I finally caved in after buying so many pairs of cheap nudes and bought the Steve Madden Dejavus. Now that I have them, I'm getting tired of any and every shoe with that design.

  7. so happy you're blogging. of course i would love to read an update on these shoes once you get them! thanks!

  8. Hi, Have you received the Justfab Ankara sandals yet? Does the quality look better in person? Thanks!