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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish MATTE by Kate Moss

I stumbled across these Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipsticks while shopping at Walmart the other night. The colors seemed more suited to my taste than the original Lasting Finish by Kate Moss so I decided to give them a try. 

Being very affordable at $4.63 per tube (price may vary depending on store and area), I picked up 3 shades. 113 a peachy pink nude, 101 a mauve-y, cool toned, almost mid range pink (shows up lighter on the lips though) and lastly 110 a bright orangey red. (I thought that was a good mix without going over board.) 

Now for the break down: 

- Didn't feel dry/drying (but still not really moisturizing. just kind of sits on top)
- Decent color range (10 Shades)
- Affordable - $4.63 (at Walmart)
- I don't mind the scent

- Difficult to wear - unflattering
- Smears/Bleeds/Overall does not stay in place
- Texture is strange. 
(While not drying it kind of feels like putting a waxy lotion on your lips)
- Darker shades stain (Some people may not mind that but I do)
- Not long lasting - lighter shades wear off in less than an hour. The darker shade lasted longer because it had stained my lips (and the skin around it -__-)

Overall I would not repurchase these lipsticks. I don't think they were flattering and none of the colors were very original. I could easily find similar colors in a much better formula. I exfoliated my lips prior to taking these pictures and you can see they were still giving me issues.

113 looks HORRIBLE up close - I find that I can wear it with a gloss to smooth it out a bit but I hate to have to do that. I like lipsticks that can stand alone and not depend on an additional product in order to function. I think the pale color just highlights any lines etc. in an unflattering way. Would not recommend. 

101 is a bit better and definitely creamier. It applies the most evenly out of the 3 and does not stain my lips. Of all the colors, this is the one I would recommend the most. I also believe that it is the most wearable, given it is also the least original. 

110 is extremely bright in person. Very pigmented and will stain your lips. I didn't think this color was bad. It was creamier and smoother than 113 but not as much as 101, however it does still skip leaving the color a bit patchy. Unfortunately the biggest issue I had with this color is that it gets everywhere! The skin around my lips, my chin if I were to take a big bite of anything, any food I am eating, my teeth, if my hair gets stuck in it or my finger grazes it - it's a mess. Now most lipsticks do those same things but not to the degree this one does and it also happens with much less effort. I probably would not recommend because I have several colors that are similar that I love 1000000x more. (Try Tom Ford 'Wild Ginger' AMAZING and worth the price($48). Also Wet n' Wild has a similar matte lipstick that's better than this one and even comes with a cheaper price tag. $1.99)


 As far as packing, I can't complain. All of the Lasting Finish lipsticks are about the same, tube color depending on which line it belongs to.  All come in round tubes with the crown emblem on the cap. I've never had a problem with one being stiff or difficult to twist up.

For the MATTE lipsticks in the Kate Moss range the tubes are a matte red with a glossy black center. (The regular Lasting Finish by Kate Moss are black on black) I think these feel a little more lightweight than the original Lasting Finish Lipsticks - they almost feel like they are empty inside. 

Again, I would not repurchase these and I can't even say I would recommend them. I think they are usable but I probably won't make it through a full tube. 

If you are absolutely dead set on trying one go for 101 - I had the best experience with that shade and again it's going to be the most wearable for a lot of skin tones. 


Hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry that it is probably not the review you would have liked to hear - of course we always want to find great products! 
I was disappointed especially since I have enjoyed Rimmel products in the past. You will also be seeing these lipsticks featured in my February Hits & Misses at the end of the month and I'll let you know in that video if I come across any tricks or combos that work well for these as I will have the rest of the month to play around with them. 

Thanks so much for reading and a BIG Thank YOU to those who are following!

See you back here tomorrow : )


***Bonus Info***

I later visited the Rimmel site to see what information they had posted up that I could pass on.

Basically a brief overview of the lipstick as well as all 10 shades listed. 

Description from the site:
Be Iconic - Make the Ordinary Extraordinary
Sumptuously Rich Matte Colour with a sublime comfort.
Ruby Powder enriched formula.
Intense velvet colour all day!

They also had a "Try it On" feature which I found to be pretty interesting and kind of fun to play around with. 

You have your choice of models, I am assuming to best match your skin tone etc. although I did notice many skin tones were missing lol. 

Not a problem - there is also a section on this feature for you to upload your own picture! Truth be told I did not try that out but I am assuming it's along the lines of similar apps and makeover sites. 

You can also zoom in and change the intensity of the lipstick application which I thought was a pretty good idea. Of course not as accurate as actually trying it on but hey better than nothing.

If nothing else, it is at least fun to play around with. 


  1. i really liked the really dark shade in 107 but im not keen on any of the other shades. maybe you could make them into lip balms so there not wasted???

    1. i think ill still use 101 - not sure what i will do with the other two though : \

  2. Noooo I just bought the 110 last night! I wish I had read this beforehand, but I'm still willing to give it a go. I tried it and it comes out a really beautiful summery orange-red on my lips, but I haven't tested out its wearing power. Do you think lip liner would help with the smearing?

    1. maybe if you had a really dry or waxy lipliner. you may like it! i just wasn't crazy about it - i have so many lipsticks that are 1000000x better than that one, similar in color as well.

    2. thanks! i've been trying it with a balm underneath and didn't notice any texture issues, so maybe you can try it like that!

  3. I love reviews on bad products - there aren't enough of them out there imo

    1. haha i didnt expect it to be a bad one until after i started blogging about it (i did this post over a couple days) but i agree i like hearing the good and the bad not just product raves.

  4. I've got the shade in 107 the darkest red and I really liked it weren't sure about the others but I know the red smudge on me since I don't wear liner, which I think I'd need to buy soon haha.

  5. Hi Holly,

    I am so loving your blog lately!! Your blog is quickly becoming my favorite to read. I love how honest your reviews are. I feel like I can really trust you to be honest about a product, and not buy into the hype about it. I'm sure you've saved us all so much money with your honest reviews.

    Thanks so much for everything you do for us - I'm sure it must be so time consuming!
    Love from Canada.

    1. thank you! it means a lot to me whenever anyone says that. trust is a hard thing to build especially with the way a lot of youtubers seem to be so i really value that you guys value my opinions and honestly. i'm glad it shows through.

      haha it is! but i am really enjoying it so far : ) i need to get on my videos though! ive just been liking to blog so much and the crowd here is so much more laid back and mature. something i really needed. <3

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  7. I have always wanted to try this range out, i will be a little careful

  8. I'm glad I read your review before I went to go pick these up >_< I was thinking about one of the reds but no more!

    ^ TOTALLY ditto what Caitlyn said. seriously! of course the good products, you really make me want to go get bc you rarely rave about a product.. so.. it balances out in the end ;) hahaha.

    <3 you!

  9. Thank you for the review! I won't waste my money. Question, how did you get the keys on your mac to be purple?

    1. they have lots of colored macbook keyboard covers/skins/protectors on eBay and for pretty cheap. I have rainbow keys from decals that I put on the keys, and then a clear protector on top to protect from accidental water spills and dust :)

  10. I also got 101 and 113 and agree with everything you said. So disappointing bc I do love rimmel. It has the weirdest texture. Great blog post. Thank u!!

  11. I couldn't agree more with your post! I purchased 103 & the color was nice BUT it made my lips look super chapped (even though I had applied chapstick before putting on the lipstick)... it wasn't cute. I'm happy I bought it at CVS because that puppy is going back today! lol. Also, don't waste your time on the new Scandouleyes (I think that's how it's spelled) shadow sticks. They're terrible. Aboslutely no color payoff. That one is also going back! Anywho, I'm looking forward to your next video! :)

  12. That sucks :( it's so tough to find matte lipsticks that perform well. I'm glad I read your review before I went to go buy them because I'm always on the hunt for good matte lipsticks.
    You saved me time, money and frustration!

  13. Ohh I thought about trying these lipsticks. I wasn't sure how it would look when dried so I pass. Good thing I did because I know it wouldn't look so great on me after reading your post. Thanks for sharing! :) And Eevee is so cute! haha... Kobi tends to do the same.

    xo – Sheila
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  14. I just saw these the other day at my local ULTA. Most of the colors were gone. The velvet finish did not appeal to me at all. I have pigmented lips so I need a neutral base to make any lipcolor to appear true to color. However, matte shades I am not too fond of. I find that they exaggerate the lines of my lips. I rarely have dry lips, coz I'm a lipbalm freak, but matte lippies often emphasize dryness which isn't appealing at all. Thank you for posting such a detailed post on this. I love reading your blog. Was a follower then, still am now. Keep it up dear!

  15. OOOOh, these look really appealing. Don't like the fact that it bleeds though :/ Thank you for the review Holly! <3 Pauline

    Addicted to Makeup