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Watch My Latest YouTube Video!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

#HollysHolidayGiveaway Winners + Additional Info : )

Hey everyone! 

Thank you SOO much to everyone that entered my Holiday Giveaway! 

Just brought my mom back to the airport this morning. It was her first time visiting me in CA and the time just flew by so sorry for the delay on posts. 

Blog Winner of the UD Naked 3 Palette is: 
(please comment on this post with the email address you will send your mailing info from so I can verify your identity. Email

Social Media Winner of the UD Naked 3 Palette is:
(please tweet me (you follow me on IG and Twitter but Twitter will be easier for me to see) with the email address you will send your mailing info from so I can verify your identity. Email

Now for the YouTube winners this is where things get a little complicated >_< I took a screen shot so you can take a look and possibly help me out. So it shows there are over 10,000 comments on YT butttt it only will show the first page (the last entries that were made before I no longer allowed comments on the video) - when I click 'show more' it just shows me an empty page. 

I have had this happen before, particularly on videos with a lot of comments, sometimes it will randomly start loading the comments on it's own but until then I'm not really sure what to do. If I can't get it to work on my own I will try and contact my network and see if they know how to fix it but I thought I'd ask here first and also give you all an update on the process. 

Once winners are chosen from the YouTube entries there will be an Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Winner, Rebecca Minkoff Winner and a Clarisonic Mia First Winner. 

I will keep you all posted and if you have any ideas on how to make the comments show on the Giveaway video let me know! I have restarted my computer and all that type of stuff so I think it's on YouTube's end for sure. 

CONGRATS to the winners so far! Good luck to those that have also entered on YouTube :) If you do not win please do not be discouraged, I will have more fun giveaways in the future. 

Thank you all so much for your continued support. I appreciate it more than I could ever show or express. I love you.