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Monday, April 8, 2013

[Beauty] Great Value: Fergie for Wet n Wild - Desert Festival Eyeshadow Palette (Review, Swatches + Eye Look)

CENTERSTAGE COLLECTION Available at Walgreens 

Retail $4.99

Now this is a post I wasn't planning on doing BUT after trying this out today I just HAD to! 

Truth be told I'm not typically a fan of Wet n' Wild eyeshadow palettes (their blushes and single shadows are awesome though!) so I was a little on the fence about trying this one but I really wanted to get a few things from the Fergie collaboration. 

I picked this up at Walgreens when I was in Vegas last month and am just getting around to trying it now >_< As far as I know this collection is available only at Walgreens stores (despite the brand being available at a variety of drugstores).

There are 4 eye palettes in this collection but despite the price I only picked up one. I decided to go with what I thought I would get the most use out of as a whole and I am happy to say I am very pleased with my choice.

Desert Festival-
To me this is the most neutral and wearable - I would say suitable for everyday. 

It contains:

 - a skintone taupe-y beige with a slight sheen 
(for me this is way too dark as a highlight shade but looks great as a blending or all over lid color)

- a matte burnt orange 
This was the color that made me want to buy this palette!
(great to add depth to the crease and to layer between other colors in the palette. although pigmented enough to be used boldly it can also be applied lightly in a subtle manner as well. a wonderful and inexpensive way to try a color like this. I promise anyone can make this shade work!)

- a matte dark brown
(this is the color I used to darken the outer section of my eye in the photos below)

- a shimmery dark peach 
(truth be told I don't love the shimmery shades in this palette as much at the matte but these are still a nice addition. would be great as an all over lid color for a fresh spring/summer look.) 

- a shimmery dark brown
(I used this for my lower lash line but this would also be suitable as a crease color or as an all over lid shade for a darker look. this color is extremely pigmented and was difficult to get off my finger after swatching.)

Of course you can create several different looks with these colors but for my first time trying it out I chose to go with a comfortable medium intensity look. (You could always go lighter or darker but since I was doing my makeup for regular life (vs. photos or video) I just went with the style I normally do.)

For me the shadows did last all day without creasing or fading - no primer used. 
(for reference I never use primer and very rarely have creasing or fading but these preformed just as well as any of my MAC eyeshadows)

What truly impressed me the most was how effortlessly I was able to blend even the matte shades. I thought I might have a problem with the orange or the brown since they are pretty pigmented but I was pleasantly surprised that they did not require much attention. 

(I'm not sure how the shimmery brown will blend since it is the darkest of all the colors - I only used it on my lower lash line since I prefer the matte shades for my crease.)

^ Using all shades except the shimmery peach. 

I especially love the matte shadows in this palette! Very smooth application and easy to blend.

This photo was taken AFTER wearing the shadow all day - No primer. 
(I never use eyeshadow primer.)

I would have taken a before photo to show you but I didn't know I was going to like these enough to want to do a post on (plus I was in a hurry).

Lashes are from Lash Royalty - Style Luxe 1 (Available HERE)

^ All swatches done on bare skin with no primer.

Overall I am impressed with this palette and would definitely recommend it.
 At about a dollar per shade you really can't go wrong. These are much better quality in my opinion than the normal Wet n' Wild palettes. (I find the ColorIcon palettes to be very soft and break quite easily. Although they are pigmented I don't feel like they look high quality on my lids - something about the way the shimmer applies - not as smooth?)
 I would say they are more comparable to a lot of my higher end shadows. 

-Affordable at $4.99
-Easy to Wear 
-Can be used for both day and night looks - Shades are versatile 
-Different than your typical nude palette (incorporation of peach/orange)
-Good Pigmentation
-Easily Blended
-I am fond of the colors included 
-Packaging seems more sturdy than the ColorIcon Palettes 
-Shadows are not as soft/breakable as the ColorIcon Palettes 
-Not chalky and not too powdery (a little with the beige shade but tolerable)
-Good quality -Particularly the burnt orange - that shade is very comparable in both performance and pigmentation to MAC eyeshadows. 

-No highlight shade for fair/medium skin tones so if you will need a secondary product. 
-Not easily accessible - Available only at Walgreens + Limited Edition?
-Packaging could be a little more secure (but at $4.99 I can't really complain)

This is one of the best eyeshadow palettes I've purchased from the drugstore in a LONG time so if you were contemplating trying it I would say go for it! 

I picked up a few other products from this line as well, none of which I will be doing a blog post review on but they will be featured in my April Hits & Misses video at the end of this month on my YouTube Channel so SUBSCRIBE if you haven't : )

I hope you all have enjoyed this post.
Thank you for reading and for your continued support. 
I will talk to you all very soon!


  1. great review - super impressed by how *smooth* the colours look and that burnt orange looks super intense swatched on the hand .. but looks oh so wearable on the eye lid =)

    1. : ) thanks! omg its my favorite color in the palette!

  2. the colour pay off is sooo amazing, they need to bring wet n wild to the uk

  3. I love to wear that color palette during the fall since its have the Autumn feeling to it...
    You look every beautiful with those colors on you though. Thank you for the swatches. I was going to buy it, yet i was a little skeptical about it. Not much a big fan of Wet N Wild. I'm glad they've been improving their products. I find it kind of ironic that we all as little girls grew up wearing Wet N Wild or Bonnie Bell since our parents won't let us touch the "Adult cosmetics" that will ruin our face. Then as young women, we discovered that there is a lot of other products we can wear too. Just saying. xD

  4. Woah even the packaging is super nice! : D

  5. Wow! I love your make-up it looks amazing. Now you have a new follower. aybe you can visit my blog and follow me back

  6. Love this, I need to try it out!

  7. I love this classic beauty blog post! :)

  8. i really didnt like her line on wet and wild.

  9. Awesome! Thank you so much for the review! I saw the collection in Walgreens but I haven't picked up anything from it. Have you tried any of the nail polishes?

    1. aww thank YOU : ) i have a couple of the polishes - nothing to go crazy over in my opinion.

  10. wow the colors look so nice on you! and they seem very versatile! i may just have to take a look :X. I'm not sure if it's only available at Walgreens but I have seen the nail polishes as CVS.

    1. the polishes are available everywhere - its the actual makeup from the line that is walgreens only. i.e. the eye palettes, primer, mascara, lipstick and highlight/bronzing powders : ) thanks! and thanks for reading - glad you enjoyed the post ^_^

    2. oh! thanks for the info so i'm not O_O at cvs looking for them lol

  11. Thanks for the great review, this palette is amazing! Your eye makeup is always flawless :)

  12. It seems like a great palette, the colors are beautiful and most of all is really affordable!! need it! :p

    <3 Val

  13. I love how you do reviews on make up that everyone can afford! Love the look you made from this!


  14. I might have skipped this palette at first glance but your tutorial makes the colors look so wearable! I normally steer clear of orangey shadows. Thanks for the post :) --Mari

  15. I've been interested in the Fergie collection for Wet n Wild for quite some time. With every post, I get more tempted! haha I saw some pieces at Dollar General, so I'll have to keep looking around because Wet n Wild isn't sold everywhere here. Very nice eyeshadow set!

  16. This is a super pretty look! Great review, I saw the palette a few days ago and didn't think much of it. Now I think I'll have to go out and pick it up! ^___^

  17. such a beautiful look with such a inexpensive product!

    Mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback!

  18. I love the colors; they look so natural on you! I wish you did more organic natural make up since your tutorials are really helpful.

  19. Great Post. Still trying to find out where I can get my hands on this product in Canada but in the mean time I will continue to read the great reviews. Love the matte orange colour of the quad.

    Rozlyn P.