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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Changes to the Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm - WHYYY?!?! Comparison Photos (pic heavy)

Hey everyone! 
I meant to post this up last week since I haven't really seen anyone talk about it but I wanted to show you all the difference between the NEW Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm and the Pigalle 120mm we are all use to. 

I ordered these when I saw them go up on the site and wanted to give them a try due to the new color (Neptune). Went ahead and ordered my normal 36.5 (6.5) size as Pigalles use to run about a 1/2 size large and much to my surprise I could NOT get my foot inside these! Now I know patent stretches a lot especially Louboutin patent but this was ridiculous. 

Of course couldn't compare these to my broken in Pigalle 120mm because after you wear them the whole shape of the back and toe box changes so I grabbed a New In Box pair that I had in my closet and was blown away by the differences. 

I'll stop talking now and let you see for yourself but for reference these are the same style shoe, same size. Normally color does not make a difference in how these shoes run as I have them in a few different colors and materials. I believe they have re-designed them to fit more like the increasingly popular So Kate 120mm and have fitted them with more true to size measurements. On the site under fit suggestion for the Pigalle 120mm it use to say to 'size down as this style runs large', not it says 'fits true to size'.

Both pairs were purchased from the Christian Louboutin website just at different times. Personally from what I can see I like the old design a bit better but I will need to try them in my true size now to know for sure. I find the old style overall more appealing but hopefully the new design with have a better, more secure fit similar to the So Kate 120mm (which also says 'fits true to size' on the website but I take a 1/2 size down - so 36.5 - I am a true 7) unfortunately in adjusting they fit they have compromised the style and aesthetic in my opinion. 

(I did send back the Blue pair since they don't fit me.)

What do you guys think of this new change? Have you tried on/ordered/do you own one of these new pairs? Let me know your thoughts below! For some reason the new version doesn't look as sexy to me side by side. 

Thanks again for reading! Hope this is helpful for some of you :)

Talk to you soon!



  1. Maybe one day TT__TT. Your pictures look amazing though. I had to wipe some drool off my face after seeing those Loubs.

    1. hahaha you are too funny! i just took these with my iPhone so I'm glad that are good enough : )

  2. So bizarre that they would make such a drastic change! Such gorgeous shoes though!



  3. I can't get past the delicious hint o' red peeking out at the toe of the blue pair!

  4. I wonder why they would change them to look more like the So Kate. Do they really need two models that are so similar? They were just different enough to be worth having both styles. I think I prefer So Kate myself, but I don't have Pigalles so I can't really know before getting some Pigalles as well (we all know I need a patent black pair)

  5. The Neptune ones are to die for! Sucks they had to change something that wasn't even broken.

  6. the So Kate has a thinner stiletto heel, and a steeper pitch than the Pigale ... but they are similar

    1. are you commenting to me? if so - i know - i own several pairs of both pigalles and so kates. they did however change the pigalle to fit more securely like the so kate. (doesn't mean they look more similar)

  7. After they changed it they literally killed the Pigalle,This new style don´t merelly even the name Pigalle!I won one pair from my boyfriend(i had the old pigalle red glitter) and i am really disappointed,because in the online Loubi shop was being sold with the image of the old style,in time,they sent me the new one.I just asked for my boyfriend return them because they was too ugly in comparison with the older - no sexy at all and with one appeal too much common.
    that´s what i though about the new Pigalle.