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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fashion Finds: Forever 21 - Toughening Up

I hadn't been to Forever 21 in...well...forever, but we have some of Steve's relatives visiting from Japan and they ended up wanting to stop in so I looked around a bit with them and found some really great stuff! 

Here are my two favorite pieces!


Okay we all know I love stuff like this. It's not my first tank from Forever 21 with wild cats on it. (Leopards - my last tank had Cheetahs).

I like that it toughens up my look a little bit while still staying true to my taste and style. 

Purchased this in a size Small.


I purchased this in a size Small but I really needed an XS - Unfortunately the XS they had was too bleached for the look I was going for (it was almost white) so I made due with the S. There is some gapping in the back but hopefully I can shrink it. 

The material is pretty nice and has some good stretch to it. 

I actually love Forever 21 denim vests - always have good luck with them.

Just another quick peek at my style. : )

Hope you enjoyed! 

All items are current and can be purchased online - I linked both of them. 
(you can just click on their titles)
I did purchase in store though. 

Thanks so much for reading. I hope your week is going well so far!  

I'll talk to you all again very soon - I'll try for tomorrow but we do have some of Steve's family visiting and we are taking them around plus it's going to be Valentine's Day as well as Steve's Birthday!!! (his birthday is the 15th)

Have a great night!



  1. I like the denim vest...

  2. so cute! so glad you starting blogging again! I'd love for you to follow my blog! :)


  3. I love the top :)

  4. Pretty Cute tops!! Thank you for referring me to ebates!! I'm addicted and earned 120 dollars already!!


  5. Oh I'm very excited to see how you style those pieces. I personal would probably never pick them out. And looking at them, they just aren't my taste. BUT I love your style so really interested to see how you wear them. Maybe I just need to push myself out of my comfort zone :)

  6. That leopard print top is so cute xx

  7. oOoo hope you have a smexy vday hahaha :) and that steve has a good bday too! how fun! i'm having suuuch problems with my wardrobe lately, whenever I go out I don't feel like dressing up since I wear scrubs all week but I need to put more effort into looking good.. but I'm so lazy.. send me some inspiration! hahaha <3

  8. I love the leopard top! Can't wait for the weather to get warmer :/
    Saw your post on tumblr for the contest too!

  9. i've been looking for a cheap denim vest like for a while but in a deeper color. perfect for spring!

  10. Hi Holly! I just discovered you and I love your reviews and I think you are gorgeous! I just started following you here, on Facebook and Instagram! I would LOVE to win the Sweet Recipe lipstick!! I would have followed you anyway... just love your stuff!