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Monday, August 12, 2013

[FASHION] Hot Summer Days = Constantly Casual. One Teaspoon LOVE + a new CHANEL

(lol I did not wear this to the gym btw haha I know it looks like that but I went with Steve to a local tricking place to meet up with people before heading to dinner. The upstairs has some random work out stuff so that's why you can see it in the background - I always get questions from you guys when I take photos here so I thought I'd explain.)

Tank: H&M
Bag: Chanel Diamond CC Camera Bag 

I know I haven't had many fashion posts lately and I apologize! 
#1. I got in trouble for taking outfit photos outside lol.
#2. I've been lazy and it's too dang hot to dress up.

So...with that being said here you have one of my current go to looks. Pretty much a no brainer - cut off shorts and a tank. O_o Sometimes I'll get wild and throw on a utility vest or jacket on top ; P 

I HAVE to talk about these shorts though - One Teaspoon - BEST brand for shorts I've ever owned. I've been wearing them alllllllll summer and I can't get enough. I think I have purchased about 8 pairs so far. I love them! They feel like they are custom made and distressed. Pricy but a lot of times you can get a good deal on them through Karmaloop/MissKL and overall they're classics that are only going to get better with wear. 

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The ones I am wearing here are called the Domino Trashwhores (AWFUL name -__-) which were originally $90 - I paid $30 PLUS got 4% Cash Back through Ebates = DEAL! 

Now this style is obviously VERY short (as most of their shorts seem to be) but when it gets to be a certain degree outside you end up not caring lol. Plus if you get a longer utility vest/jacket or cardigan you are all set. I see a lot of people tie a shirt around with some of the higher waist shorts too. (I can't wear high waisted shorts because I have a short torso and I feel like it's not really comfortable with a belly button piercing either.) All of the styles also are about an inch or two longer in the back so they definitely cover your butt (much better than the UNIF shorts I've tried) otherwise I would NOT be wearing these shorts lol. 

If you were looking to invest in pair I would recommend the Bandits or the Hunger Bandits - they are a bit longer and have a fold over hem vs. all that fraying just hanging there. (Which I know many of you will prefer.)

In order of preference the styles I own are as follows -

- Trashwhores (These are just TOO short in my opinion - probably hence the name lol - but since I have them and got a good deal I do still wear them.)

These have just been a summer staple for me and I don't hear very many people talk about them so I thought I'd share. Personally I have a VERY difficult time finding shorts, it seems like they all look terrible on me or feel uncomfortable. I like things that are not too tight on the waist and my legs are obviously not stick thin, I don't want something that's going to be skin tight. I feel like every brand makes shorts that are made for people with tiny thighs :'(
 I always buy my shorts one size bigger than my jeans for comfort so with most of these I purchased a size 27, (I do have one in a 26 though that I purchased most recently and I take a size 26 in all jeans currently) that gives me a lot of space in the waist but not enough for them to be pulled down over my hips which is exactly how I like my shorts to fit : ) I DO wish they would incorporate some slightly longer styles for a bit more modesty but what can ya do.

Now I don't always wear shorts with heels - normally I'll do flip flops or something like that but if I am going out I'll usually try to dress it up a tad and wear a heel paired with something longer over to cover the sides and at least part of the back of the shorts. (I had a green utility vest with me this day but it was so hot during the day especially inside this building I couldn't wear it until later when it cooled down.) Wearing heels with shorts can make your legs look a lot nicer especially if shorts are not your most flattering look - these Soirée heels from Jeffrey Campbell are super comfortable and easy to walk in. (Also from Karmaloop/MissKL)

Lastly, I know you are all drooling over this bag and I've been getting a lot of questions on it. This is the Diamond CC Camera Bag from Chanel's Fall 2013 line. They have two sizes and this is the smaller of the two (they also have a flap style version but I don't love it). I feel like this was reasonably priced from the brand considering it is a full leather bag done is super soft lambskin and features the classic burgundy leather interior. The chain strap also has a little leather panel on top for comfort. (You'll see this in a lot of Chanel's fall line up. I honestly wasn't a fan of that look at first but it's growing on me.) If you would like a separate review post on this bag complete with DSLR photos and pricing please let me know in the comments below :) 

Other than that hope you are all having an awesome day and I will talk to you very soon!



  1. please please please do a review on the Chanel bag ... with pricing .. it helps when I go shopping and it lets me know how much money to bring I'd die if I went in for something and didn't have enough money .. they might send me toward Coach lol

    1. haha you are too much! i'll just message you on facebook <3

  2. Wanna know more about that beautiful chanel bag!!!

  3. Have you tried/seen the DailyLook clear heeled sandals? I was eyeing the soiree JC for awhile then I saw the DailyLook ones and thought for the price it might be better. I just like how much more simpler the JC ones look since there is not gradient to the clear heel. Plus the JC ones looks shorter and are probably slightly easier to walk in.

    1. i have! i've ordered the nude ones but haven't gotten them in yet. i dont think i'll like them as much as the JC but we'll see. i really enjoy having the genuine leather on my shoes (as with the JC) so for me sometimes i don't mind the higher price tag. leather just seems to be more comfortable for me and def. wears better. it depends on how much you plan to wear them i suppose. im not crazy about the gradient i prefer the straight clear but we'll see : )

    2. Oo, okay. Well, if you decide to do a review on the DailyLook ones, I'll be looking forward to that. I just may have to get the JC soiree's though (once my size is back in stock) since I do believe the quality will be better and worth the price. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. I love the bag, please do a review + pricing post! And also, why did you get trouble for taking pictures? I would understand if it was in a store or something, but outside seems kind of weird.

    1. because it was outside my apt complex and for privacy they dont want any photos (even though you couldnt even see anything in my photos anyway : \

  5. Hi Holly,

    Can you please do a review & pricing post on the Chanel bag? Thanks!

  6. i bought the larger flap version on hunter green and i am in love!!

  7. Hi Holly! I just saw this bag in the SF boutique today and was quite surprised that I liked it! Can you please do a review post? Thanks so much :)

  8. Darn! Another reason why I wished I would have followed your blog earlier! The shorts are "currently unavailable!" Booo!