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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just a touch of W I L D...

Told you all I'd show you what this top looks like on. 

Bet you like it a lot better now! : P


Decided to wear this for the #21andOver (celebrating the movie '21 and Over' with Justin Chon) party tonight. It was a casual "college themed" event so pretty much anything goes and you know I have been dying to pull this out of my closet. 

I wanted to be comfortable so I went with a super simple pairing - nothing too complex or over thought.

Forever 21 Leopard Muscle Tank (Here)

Genetic Denim Shya Cigarette Jean in Dark Tin (Here)

Steve Madden Dynemite Sandal in Black Suede (Here)

Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip Mini Bag Black with Gold Hardware (Here)

Forever 21 Necklace (old)

Jewelmint Collective Rosary Bracelet (Here)


And lastly just a couple random pictures from the night. 
(The boys had some photos with Justin Chon as well : )

Feng and I. 
(Steve, Hirano and Hok also were at the event.)

Thanks so much for reading : ) All photos were posted earlier on my Instagram so be sure to follow me there if you don't already! 

I want to start posting some non-bathroom Outfit of the Day photos but I'm going to need Steve to assist me with that so for now this will have to do. 

Hope you enjoyed! Talk to you all tomorrow!



  1. You're so pretty, the top looks good on you. I also want your shoeees!
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Love it! simple and trendy ;) what app did you use to take mirror/filter photos? Always love adding new apps ^^

  3. How do you like the Rebecca Minkoff bag? I was thinking about getting it, but I'm not sure about the functionality of the side zippers. See also, I can't decide between the black and yellow if I do decide to make the purchase.


  4. Wow that shirt looks so different on! Love it! You're so gorg!

  5. I really really like your hair <3

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  7. Omg i saw that top long time ago and i was sooo hesitant to buy it cuz it seemed like few ppl like it but as i saw the person like you that is popular and beauty blogger have this it makes me so much easier to make the decision to get it! The link u gave us doesnt have small size but so luckily the website in my country still has the size Yayyy