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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nicole by OPI - Selena (Selena Gomez Collection) Fresh Paint Quickie.

Nicole by OPI - Selena from the Selena Gomez Collection - photo by hollyannaeree

It's that time again....

Fresh manicure!

This time I just went for one color, a new one I had picked up at CVS.

Nicole by OPI, as well as OPI, frequently do celebrity collaborations and this is one of their latest which features Selena Gomez :)

Originally I had only picked up glitter polishes from the line but CVS was running a sale (I believe it was buy 2 Nicole by OPI get $5 Extra Bucks) so I couldn't resist!

The color I chose is called 'Selena' which is a really pretty peachy coral color with some subtle sparkle. Surprisingly I have nothing in my collection that is this color. The ones I own are either more orange or just overall darker so it was a nice addition.

Unfortunately this was not the easiest polish to work with - kind of on the thick side yet took 4 COATS to achieve an even and opaque look. Also none of the little glitters show up, which isn't a big deal for me since I prefer cream polishes but heck if it's in there it'd be nice if it made an appearance!

Overall I think it still looks nice and if you are just dying over the color go ahead and scoop it up but I really wasn't impressed with the way it applied nor do I like to have to apply soooo many coats. (It's not even like you can really wear this polish sheer - it's not thin, just applies unevenly until you build it up)

I'd probably give this polish a 3 out of 5. 


I am wearing this polish in my latest YouTube video if you are interested in seeing what the color looks like on me. 

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you've enjoyed : )

See you back here (hopefully) tomorrow! 



  1. Ooh that's such a lovely colour! It's really natural for every day, perfect! & I love that it's Selena Gomez
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Gorgeous colour! But what a pain to work with, 4 coats!!

    1. i know! 4 coats seems a bit much! : \ pretty though.

  3. lovely colour! xxx

  4. wow nice colour...

  5. I'm a sucker for this color ... <3 love love love

  6. I really like this color though I'm not sure it would look as good on my pale skin :)

  7. Such a gorgeous color! Seems like it dries darker than bottle color, but it looks amazing on you! (:

  8. Absolutely lovely shade, very girly and fit for spring but 4 coats is pushing it for me :/

  9. That's such a stunning colour! Such a shame about the application though :(

  10. Too bad it took four coats! I'm not willing to go over three!

  11. Hi just found your blog! Love this colour so much, its perfect for the upcoming spring/summer. Just watched your 'What's in my bag' vid, and really liked it so will definitely sub you :) Great post!

    If you have a minute, check out my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? I'd appreciate it if you did, Lucy x x

  12. I am in love with that color!
    Beautiful <3

  13. Please do a review on your Alexander Wang bag!! =)