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Monday, February 4, 2013

First time making a 'Jelly Sandwich' - Manicure Re-Up

I have always been curious about these types of manicures but this was my first time actually trying it out and I have to say I am liking the results! 

As most of you have hopefully read, the other day I painted my nails with Essie 'Sugar Daddy' nail polish - one of my favorite colors for clean looking nails, design bases and french manicures. Well it's been 3 days and my nails were starting to grow out a bit, overall my polish was fine - no chips, etc. so I really did not want to whip out the polish remover and start from scratch especially since my hands and cuticles get quite dry. (I think I may have found something amazing for them though - I am using it in these photos. I'll blog about it soon!)

I decided to Re-Up my manicure. 

Basically every so often my nails will start to grow out yet my polish is still pretty perfect, still glossy and the like so to extend the wear of my polish a lot of times I will just add to it. Be it another coat of polish or a glitter topcoat, etc. 

This time I was totally inspired by one of the ladies that I follow on Instagram - she also has a blog that I will link HERE - her name is Kimberly and if you're a nail polish lover this is for you. Anyway she actually has her own line of polishes and one picture in particular really caught my eye. She had done something called a "Jelly Sandwich" and listed what she had used. Originally I thought you could only get this look with "jelly polishes" but apparently there are other ways. 

For her manicure she used a layer of her glitter polish and then two coats of Essie "Sugar Daddy" (I'm tellin' you this color is versatile!) - I already had "Sugar Daddy" as well as a glitter polish I thought would work so I was in business!

 (Now I actually didn't bother to take off the polish I already had on since it was the same color I was going to be layering. It is a bit thicker than my normal manicure due to all of the layers but I don't mind. If you are going to try this yourself you can probably skip a base color depending on what glitter polish you are going to use. If I try this again I may just do one coat of 'Sugar Daddy' - glitter polish - then 2-3 coats of 'Sugar Daddy'. (I know it sounds like a lot but thin coats people!))

The glitter polish I used was one I had purchased from Rite Aid a few months ago for $4.99 (which I still hadn't used). It has a creamy base to it but with one coat it doesn't really show up. (I had swatched this before and didn't like the way it looked with more than one layer - it gets kind of dark and muddy looking - so it was PERFECT for a project like this that only required one coat.)

I don't think they would still have these particular polishes because I believe they were a special holiday release(or so I gather since it says Holiday Lights right on the bottle and if you remember my Instagram picture of the display there was a big Rudolph face on it lol.) but there are a lot of other polishes that would work just the same - Try Revlon! They have a bunch of creamy glitters out right now. There's always Deborah Lippmann of course as well.

So I applied one coat of the creamy glitter polish...

Then added a total of 3 coats of Essie 'Sugar Daddy' on top. 

I started out with 2 but the glitter was still pretty vibrant underneath and I wanted a milkier, softer look. 

Lastly I followed up with my favorite fast dry top coat, Seche Vite (pictured below) and I was done!

I am really enjoying the results and it's also a great way to utilize some of my glitter polishes that I'm not crazy about, on their own or as a top coat. Gives me some options! 

I love how layering the sheer color on top really tones down the harshness of the glitter polish. It makes this one look a lot more feminine and a lot less kiddish. (I feel like on it's own this looks like crazy birthday confetti going nuts on my nails lol. I know a lot of expensive brands have polishes that are similar - I guess I am not a fan but like this its doable.)


So I hope you all enjoyed this post! I was pretty excited and pleased with my results so I couldn't wait to share! Have a wonderful Monday and I will see you back here tomorrow!

Thank you all for reading and a big THANK YOU to everyone who has started following. 



  1. I love it! so cute :*

  2. that is such a good idea, never thought of doing this

  3. cuteee! it reminds me of strawberry frosting with rainbow sprinkles hehee

    Laura x

  4. Love this look Kimberly does! Looks great on you Holly! Thanks again for my posh order! Love your vids and now this blog :)

  5. I love your nail posts! I've seen this type of manicure around online but have yet to try it. I'm gonna give it a try once my current nail polish wears off (I have a post on my current manicure) <3


  6. What a pretty combination! Looks great! I do that to with my polish once in a while. When the polish is still in good shape but the nail has grown a bit, i add some glitter polish on top. Looks good as new!

  7. Thank you so much, Holly! I'm such a huge fan of yours and it's a tremendous compliment for you to be inspired by me. I adore these nails that you've done. Thank you again!

    With lots of love,

    1. aww I'm a huge fan of yours! I bought that LUSH lemon thingy for my dry a$$ cuticles because I saw you wrote you used it. (I don't cut my cuticles but I needed somethinggggg that would help them! nothing else seems to hydrate enough - I just picked this up last night and used it for these pics - i think they look better already and its only been one use : )

  8. I love the way this look! Since you layered on so many layers, does it feel like your nail is too thick though? Sometimes I encounter this problem and I feel like since it's so stiff, when it breaks off it hurts so much more.

  9. awwww, it's soo cuuuute and girly !! <3

  10. love the idea of re-upping your polish! too bad my nails never stay nice looking past one day haha -__-

  11. I love that, it's so cute. They look like yummy cupcakes or cotton candy, bu in a sophisticated way :)
    I will never cease to be amazed at how long your natural nails are!

  12. Love the "jelly sandwich" look! Saw you got new glitter polish for more styles of it, hope you'll let us know how they turn out :)
    I'll be trying it on my next mani. Thankyou for all your great reviews!!

  13. I actually had purchased that holiday lights pink color polish as well and found that it worked and looked best on top of a light blue/ or sheer periwinkle (like Essie's main squeeze), if you want to bring out the 'pinkness' of the the gel like glitter polish. I did a post on it, but my camera quality is mmmeehh

    Now I kind of wished I picked up the other colors of this light up line at Rite-Aid..darn, if you have the other colors could you do a jelly sandwich or non sandwich post/review on them? It'd be great to see.

  14. Ah, you have gorgeous nails! So jealous of your long nail beds lol! Absolutely loving the jelly sandwich look on you. Very cute, I like that it's subtle because it's a nude color, but it has an extra "pizazz". ^__^

  15. I've never heard of the "jelly sandwich" look! definitely trying this out next time I paint my nails :)

  16. Very cute! I may try this when I get my Calgels redone this week.