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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A day for shade.

Stopped by the Century City Mall today and picked up these babies!

I haven't purchased a new pair of sunglasses in almost 3 years - (you may remember my Juicy Aviators that I am in LOVE with! Still am but I wanted to get a second pair of sunglasses so I don't wear my current ones out.)

The pair I chose is by Dior.

I've never tried this brand for shades before but they feel very well made and most importantly they are COMFORTABLE! They sit well on my (barely existant) nose bridge (fellow Asian people you know what I am talking about!) and they don't touch my cheeks - AMAZEBALLS. lol. 

I purchased these at Solstice and they were actually running a sale,
 30% OFF everything....BUT Dior. -__________________- 

Of course. 


But I got them anyway because they just fit so darn well! 

A rare find.

(Figured I'd throw in a little Outfit of the Day as well...)

Studded Tank from Nordstrom (shown Here)

Black Bandeau from Forever 21

Victoria's Secret Leggings

Steve Madden Dynemite Sandal in Black Suede (Here)  #repeatoffender

Jewelmint Collective Rosary Bracelet (Here) #repeatoffender

House of Harlow Sunburst Earrings - Black and Gold (Here)

Chanel Maxi Flap Bag in Black Caviar with Gold Hardware 

Dior Sunglasses

I will post more close up "product shots" of the sunglasses this week where I will include the style number etc. 

(I'll also do a post on the LV present I bought Steve - for the few guys that may read my blog (or for the ladies that wanna get their man a stylin' gift ^_^))


Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow!



  1. Looking good ;)

  2. ......They look AMAZING on you...
    I seriously want to buy everything you feature on your blog Holly.
    But I'll lust for now *_*

    1. thank you! i love sharing these random finds with you guys! i feel like it makes me seem like i shop a lot more than i do though since i keep breaking stuff up into separate posts. lol. i promise i dont live at the mall >_< i was there on business today and just grabbed these since it was across from where i was eating lunch and got steve a gift. we left after that. lol

  3. i love this outfit...simple black and white! that chanel is gorgeous and i have the same pumps as yours but in the blue colour! :D

    Laura x

  4. Amazing look Holly! Those Dior sunnies def fit you perfectly. I know the feeling.. it took me a while to finally find a pair of Chanel sunnies that fit my face! Esp the cheeks and nose bridge. -_-

    I also love your Maxi! ;)

    xo – Sheila

    1. OMG its so hard! this was the first pair i tried on yesterday but i kept looking even after - i must have tried on 20 pairs that ALL hit my cheeks! >_< these were the most expensive i tried on (and the only brand not on sale) so i was really hoping to find something else but I could not argue with the quality of the materials and the fit. (plus i really like the look as well!)

  5. Love the outfit, the glasses are very original and look good on you. I actually can't wait to see what you bought for Steve, my first wedding anniversary is coming up in 3 months and I am already searching for the perfect gift ! ^^


  6. Hi Holly! I totally know what you mean about finding sunglasses that fit asian face lol! What model number is this pair? I'd love to track one down and try it for myself!

    1. I will post that info later in the week when I do the close up shots of the frames : )

  7. AMEN! You are preachin' to the heavenly choir! But the good lord had to use something to make our stellar asian cheekbones LOL! If you're looking for something more sporty that can hold up to vigorous movement or you're in an environment not aviator friendly (they look fab-u!), check out Asian Fit Overtimes by Oakley. Got a pair for Christmas and I'm obsessed! Great post!

    (I apologize if you're seeing this twice ... when I submitted my earlier comment I clicked somewhere odd and it disappeared.)

  8. Now I have to go check these out! I've had the same problem with the glasses resting on my cheeks on a hot day, then i see my foundation melting on the rims! not pretty at all. Thank you! Might have just found my new sunglasses :)

  9. beautiful outfit! love your shoes.

  10. You're so pretty... I want cleavage like that. I like that the the gold details of the white top matches your chanel bag.


  11. Girl, you look amazing! Love the shades on you : D Keeping it classy as always!

  12. Hi, I love your outfit!
    Love the shades too
    Followed you, hope you can check back and maybe follow back?

  13. Gorgeous outfit and glasses! Love the bag : )

  14. Beautiful, what size is the top. I'd like to order it and not sure if i should go with xs or small. Thanks!

  15. Love your sunglasses, what was the style number and color?