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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#WishListWednesday #3 - More Louboutins + Valentino + Alexander Wang

Alrighttttt another #WishListWednesday!!! 

Apparently I missed last week - didn't even realize it (probably because I was actually shopping vs. window shopping hahaha - I had a friend that came and stayed with me last week. We went to a People Magazine Event, ate and shopped haha. I also sent her home with a bunch of beauty goodies : ) All in all a good visit.)

Honestly this week there isn't too much to show - if you follow me on Facebook you know I've been terrible : ( 

I felt like I was doing so well for a while but tons of department stores are having their designer sales AND a lot of brands are releasing their pre-fall collections. 


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Alright now on to the #LustList 

Brand new for Fall/Pre-Fall 2013 for Christian Louboutin!

Spotlight Pigalle 120mm 


BEAUTIFUL! I saw these in store as well and they are breathtaking! They are covered in a smooth circular or hexagon? glitter so it's not constantly shedding all over the place nor does it feel like sand paper. I like. Totally obsessed with the color!

I had gotten an email from one of my friends showing me these a couple of weeks ago but had hesitated I REALLY need another pair of shoes? O_o

Although, Pigalles ARE probably one of my favorite Louboutin styles not to mention one of the more affordable ones I had been so bad this month with the shopping I tried to resist. Now I am kicking myself because when I went to call they were sold out everywhere in the country (Louboutin Boutiques - they may have them at various Neiman Marcus stores but I was not able to check their inventory) in my size (I take a 36.5 in this shoes (6.5) :( 

Not usually a fan of glitter shoes but for these I would make an exception! They are so pretty and different than anything else I've seen from CL since I've been collecting - yet still a classic cut and style. 

If I can find them I will get them! 

Wish me luck! 

(Photo from Wendy's Lookbook)

$1,680 - $1,795 

I saw this on Wendy's blog (Wendy's Lookbook - one of my FAVORITE BLOGS and overall someone I admire very much : ) and immediately started swooning! 

I'm not normally a fan of translucent bags but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEE this one! Right on trend right now too! Wendy was kind enough to send me the link to this little treasure but sadly it is a.) expensive as all heck! especially for a clear bag : ( and b.) SOLD OUT! 

If (and only if) I had unlimited funds I would jump on this if I could find one but alas. Still drool worthy though and still had to post it! 

Out of my price range for what it is though. 

(I more or less love anything that Wendy wears! haha. My fellow Louboutin/Manolo lover/enabler)

On the (slightly) more affordable side....

$875 - Or $850 HERE (Nordstrom)

Gahh I have been wanting this bag for a whileee! But I can not justify the price! 

I have heard many people say it's too heavy and hard to get in and out of but I did try it on at Barney's and it seemed fine to me. I still want it. 

A few colors of these are on sale currently for about $600 but I'm not crazy about the colors offered. They have a pale lilac which I feel like will get too much color transfer and they also have the Acid Green color but I already have the Rocco in that so I don't think I should buy the same thing just because it's on sale...I mean it's not THAT great of a discount lol. 

I've wanted to get one of the AW bags in this shade but couldn't decide which. I have a Rocco and Rockie already - love them both but this ones just different. I think I should probably hold off and either see if this ever goes on sale or buy a Black/Grey version of it since that will be a bit more versatile. (I would want a nude color but again because of where the bag sits I would be too afraid of color transfer from jeans or leggings)

Next two are shoes again -____- sorry. I have a problem haha. 

Christian Louboutin - So Kate

I am DYING for any pointed pair of WHITE Louboutins! I had wanted to get white Pigalles but then I saw these on Rosie Huntington-Whitely and thought I may want to give them a try. (They look very similar) LOVE this dress on her btw!

As far as I know they have not been released yet (and will probably sell out super fast when they do launch) but I am going to be keeping an eye out. I think they will retail about the same as similar styles from the classic line so in the $625 range

I'll let you know more info when I hear. 

: )

And lastly a pair of shoes I would NEVER buy! 

Christian Louboutin Fifi Strass 100mm in Nude

(I can't even bare to write the price so just look at the picture *turns face away* lol)

SOOOO Beautiful but OMG UNREALISTIC for me!

Definitely would be sick to my stomach if I ever paid this much for a pair of shoes but it's nice to dream right? haha.

It's all about perspective I suppose. When you think about it my shoe collection is for sure worth more than this one pair (I have a lot of shoes!), I have some expensive handbags and I pay this in rent alone for two months but for my lifestyle I just wouldn't feel good about spending that on a SINGLE pair. Not that there is anything wrong with it if you would/have! Trust me I would LOVE to....but shoot - I'm not rich. O_O

The Fifi is the most comfortable style of Louboutin for me so that makes them that much lust worthy! With just under a 4" heel these are pretty easy to walk in and the toe area is a perfect fit for me. 

*le sigh* 


Anyway thats it for this #WishListWednesday - hope you all enjoyed! Sorry it wasn't as exciting as weeks prior but there haven't been too many new things I've been looking at. (Someday I should do a break down of my Louis Vuitton or Chanel To Buy Lists! I swear I've had some of them on my Wish List for YEARSSSS!) 

I should be stopping at some stores I don't normally shop at later this week so maybe I'll find some good stuff for next Wednesday's post! We shall see : ) 
(Some places don't let you take photos inside though so not sure what I will be able to get a hold of!) 

Have a wonderful week! I may see you back here in a couple of days but it will depend on how much time I have >_<  

Be well.



  1. Those shoes are incredible! I've always wanted Louboutins for ages!

    Check out my OPI nail polish giveaway!

  2. I hope you find your Spotlight Pigalles! I'm in love with Rosie Huntington-Whitely's whole look - I want it all plus her hair lol. Thank you for introducing me to Wendy! I had never seen her blog before but just looked at it, and she's stunning with a beautiful story, too. Have a good one!

  3. Ahh that Valentino bag is amazing! I also saw it on Wendy and immediately wanted it. Much too trendy for such a high-priced bag though...

  4. I love Wendy also! Such a fab and cute bag~



    1. shes great! if i was rich...and skinny.....i would dress like her!

  5. you like so many - too expensive, that´s a problem!!! hahahaha good luck whit these ;)

    <3 Val

    1. hahaha i know : ( but my wish list wednesdays are for my more expensive products - if its cheap id probably just buy it lolll. thanks for reading! <3

  6. I really like the bags you linked to
    and the Fifi's!!

  7. Omg, the PVC bag is so cute but so expensive >.<

  8. Hi there! In case you haven't found the Pigalles yet, looks like a 6.5 is available online at Neimans! Just ordered the last pair in size 6! Free ship and 4% at Ebates.

  9. I love the Valentino cross body bag, amazing x

  10. I HAD to have the blue FiFis for my wedding day. The only way I could justify owning them. So worth it though! Absolutely gorgeous and I got so many compliments on them. Pics alone were worth it!

  11. Someone can never have too many shoes!