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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#WishListWednesday - #1 - Balenciaga, Freebird Boots, Christian Louboutin, Ryan Haber - #TheLuxeList

Welp...I decided to get on the ban wagon with these #WishListWednesday posts.

I think it'll be fun to share my sense of style with you in a different way. I can show you possible future purchases that I am saving towards and/or things that I would get if I had unlimited funds lol. 

When I posted outfit of the day photos you get to see what I actually buy and wear - in these posts you'll be able to see some of the more luxe things I WANT to wear and buy - but can't necessarily justify the price tag.

 I mean a girls gotta budget!

(I know that a lot of people post less extravagant things such as makeup etc. but truthfully for me if it's a more reasonable/less expensive purchase I would probably just go ahead and buy it lol.) 

So with that....

My 1st #WishListWednesday 


(Available in Peach, Brown & Black
(and of course the Peach are the most expensive -__-)

I look at these EVERY time I go into Nordstrom...and try them on. lol. I LOVE them so much but really can't justify the price!  

The dusted peachy pink adds the perfect amount of girly without making these look too Barbie. I know there are tutorials on how to make these with various belts etc. but lets be honest - who has the time! Plus I would still need to buy a pair of leather boots. 

I wish these were a little softer leather but maybe they'll break in. I tried them on in a 7 and they seem to fit fine. Totally lusting after them but almost $500 after tax I just can't do it! *cries*

Next up....Balenciaga

This actually may become an eventual purchase (and no this is not the bag I have been saving for) - I really want to get one of the mini city bags (the regular City is my favorite from Balenciaga), I've been looking at them sine I went to Vegas a few months ago. 

Two things were holding me back on this purchase:

1. There wasn't a color I loved or that was different for me (until now : )
2. The price is so high for the size! There isn't that huge of a difference between this and a regular city despite this bag being so much smaller. 

Eventually I will get one of the Mini City Bag - just not sure when or which color. I don't mind investing in something that I will have for a long time and enjoy over and over - I just need to know it's something I will get use out of. 

Listed below are a few choices I would consider - 

(but this in Gold Hardware - I would want Silver as shown)

They also have classic versions as well (the ones I've shown here are metallic or giant hardware which raises the price a little.) I believe the regular minis with the tassels are $1,235 - You can view them HERE.

And now we cycle back to shoes, shoes and more shoes. lol.

I have wanted these since before they were even released! Unfortunately they are sold out on the Ryan Haber site in 37 (7) so I would have to go else where to get them.
 (I checked the site all the time so they must not have carried very many in that size - Ryan Haber is kind of an up and coming name in designer shoes so I wouldn't be surprised if the stock carried was significantly lower than some of the more well known brands out there. His designs are different and not something all your friends will have.)

I love any shoe that can incorporate a lucite without looking trashy. I feel like the gradient/ombre chunky heel of the Uptown is not only on trend right now but unexpected for this shoe. 

Totally what makes it for me. (I also like anything with an ankle strap.)

I found that Gregory's Shoes DOES carry this style (and a few others from his line) and have them available in my size - they are even a little bit cheaper at $495 but hey - it is still $500 so something I would need to think about. Love them though. Yes they are an Italian made leather shoe with leather sole so they are going to be a bit pricey.

Ahh Louboutins - I feel like I will probably have one of these in every #WishListWednesday haha!

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes (Black Leather with Silver Hardware)


Been eyeing these bad boys for months! 
I have always wanted the regular black leather pigalle with black spikes for a long time - unfortunately they are not currently available - they do have the Black Patent with Black Spike Pigalle Available HERE but I have so many patent shoes already they I really would want just the regular leather. 

These have silver spikes which are way more noticeable than if I got the black on black and I almost feel like the sliver gives an almost biker appearance (although...obviously no one would wear these riding on the back of a bike lol.) which I'm not sure I would wear as often. If money was unlimited I would scoop these up no question and then just eventually have both pairs lol BUT that is not the case and these are some of the most expensive pairs of Louboutins I've looked at in a while.

I know a lot of people have misconceptions about all Louboutins being $1,000 and up but they actually have a huge selection of shoes that range anywhere from $475 - $725. Most of the classics (which is what I normally buy) are within that range at $625. 
The regular Pigalles with no embellishments are $625 - Probably my most worn Louboutin style. I would collect them in every color if I could!

This pair is just so expensive that I am on the fence about them (leaning towards being sad and not buying them lol) - they are just too much. *CRIES* 

I feel like even if I got some unexpected money from something I STILL wouldn't want to spend it on these because they are so much! To put it into perspective my rent is $1,700 a month - These would be $1,411.55 after tax. 

Shoes like this have a more limited wear than a handbag, etc. especially with the silver spikes and my usually girly wardrobe. I do love them though - Only shoes I am interested in on the Louboutin site currently. 


That about wraps up my first #WishListWednesday - Hope you all enjoyed!!! : )

I look forward to my next one! Also let me know if you like seeing the actual pictures of the items taken with my iPhone - I notice a lot of people only use stock photos but I kind of like being able to show what the item looks like in real life if I can. IDK - that's how I "Wish List" personally, I just take pics of the things I want lol. Anyone else do that? 

Thanks so much for reading! I can't wait to get back to my regular posts!!! They kind of stopped for a bit because I actually got in trouble for taking pics where I was taking them so now I have to find a new place, blah blah blahhh : \ so thank you for sticking it out with me! 

Love you guys!


BTW I posted a new video on Monday and I will be posting a new one tonight! 


  1. This post was so fun to read! I currently have the black and beige Chanel flats on my wish list. :) I just Google image and drool over them.

  2. I am totally in love with those Louboutins too, but yes, they are just too much. My rent is $1375 a month, so they're more than rent! When I think of them that way, I really can't justify buying them. Unless of course, if I had unlimited funds like you said, lol.

    1. haha yeah : \ idk we'll see. i dont even have any reasons to treat myself coming up : ( lol

  3. I love every single item on you wish list! Love your style so much, the age and heels are beautiful!

    Check out my OPI nail polish giveaway!

  4. Great choices...I especially love the Ryan Haber shoes for you, since they look so much like your style! I also have a wishlist (which I call my "Lust List") that I post at the end of each month.

    ❤ Temi Truly

    New Blog Post: April Lust List

  5. I enjoy reading your reasonings with yourself about the potential purchases. I personally been looking at the balenciaga city bags for a while and just couldn't justify the price! I know Wendy from had made a post about purchasing it through ebay, but it requires a lot of research and time...don't know if you'll want to do that to save up some bucks =]

    1. well since these just came out - the mini city - i doubt people are getting rid of theirs on ebay. i already own a regular city bag but personally i wouldnt buy any designer bag from ebay - doesnt matter if you research or not you can still get ripped off. to me i dont think any of the savings are that significant where i would go that route. i would rather be the first own of my handbags so i know the history etc. especially to hold its resale value being the original owner matters. also with repairs and returns its good to buy from an actual store in case something happens. i think its more worth it to just save. plus balenciaga is something you want to feel the leather on since they all vary not only bag to bag but season to season - same with their colors. thank you for the suggestion though and for reading this post! id suggest just saving for a balenciaga! : ) good luck!

  6. Those boots! Wow. They are so amazing. I can't stop looking at them - all the detail and the shape are perfect. Sometimes I see cheapie versions, but they're not quite right in terms of the shape of the toe/placement of beads. These are so perfect. I would love to see these on you and how you'd style it (err...that sounds creepy, but is totally not meant to sound creepy). I just really love the way you put things together!

  7. Hey Holly! Just watched your recent empties video and wanted to suggest the kiehls cucumber herbal alcohol free toner, you may have already tried it out but if not give it a try. I love it!

  8. This is such a great list, Holly. I think a lot of people don't consider living expenses or even tax when making these big investments in fashion. I know personally I'd be in trouble if I put something so expensive on my wish list. haha (cantthinkaboutitsoitdoesntexisit)
    <3 Carolyn
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  9. I would love a Balenciaga bag too but the prices are way to high for me. I'll have to save up.

  10. This is a great list!

    I want a Balenciaga bag too:} mmmmm

  11. Love #wishlistwednesdays! It's such a cute hashtag. You should continue it!

    I am really itching to get a balenciaga city next...

    BTW: I was wondering how comfortable pigelles are. I have flat and wide feet so I am worried they will be painful for me! Or do you recommend a different style?