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Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Day for 14%-28% CASH BACK! 20% OFF Karmaloop + Free Shipping (AND 14% BACK!) Also stores like Nordstrom, MACY's, Piperlime, GAP, OLD NAVY + More!

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to remind you all that today May 20th is the LAST DAY in the Ebates 14th Birthday Celebration where you can earn anywhere from 14% - 28% CASH BACK on a ton of participating sites!

For a FULL List of participating sites CLICK HERE

**** Starting Today Karmaloop is 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 with Promo Code: 
On top of that Karmaloop is one the participating stores offering 14% CASH BACK!****

Now I have talked about Ebates before in a couple videos as well as previous blog posts but if you missed any of those I will link some info below : )

I've been an Ebates member since 2007 (been doing YouTube since 2009) and I can tell you it is 100% safe, legitimate and WORTH IT! 

How To Use Ebates:

Basically if you have an online site you want to shop on just go to Ebates first!

Search to see if that site is an Ebates participant.

If they are just hit SHOP NOW 

It will re-direct you to the stores official site and from there.

Just shop as you normally would! 

A couple days later after your order processes you will see it show up in your cash pending section of your account summary. 

SO SIMPLE! And since you are still buying from the stores official site it's totally safe!

If there is anything else you have questions on feel free to comment below and I will be happy to answer them for you based on my personal experience. I have also linked a video that may help you gain a better understand of how Ebates works, how they are able to offer things like cash back, etc.

Checks are issued every 3 months  so if you are an online shopper it gives you plenty of time to earn. And even if you're not a frequent online shopper free money is free money! You're shopping the same site you normally would, buying what you normally would but earning a little in return! 

On top of that Ebates is a completely FREE service as well! 

Thanks so much for reading! Happy Shopping : )

Also look out for another blog post in the next day or two talking about an amazing event I fortunate enough to attend on Sunday at the home of Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills! ^_^ 

Talk to you very soon!


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