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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#WishListWednesday #2: Cut Outs - Jeffrey Campbell, MinkPink, Shoemint, Louis Vuttion, Christian Louboutin

Okay so kind of a horrible #WishListWednesday this week because I actually did end up buying some of these items >_< I'm terrible! But at the rate that things were selling out I feel like I "had to" -__-

Truthfully I've been being pretty good and cutting back/holding back on a lot of purchases so I can't say I feel THAT bad.....but expect more listings in my Poshmark Closet haha. (I am trying to get rid of things to afford new things : ) Even if I need to sell 100 things to get one new one. It's kind of like spring cleaning/recycling money. Can't wait to show you what I raised funds for recently. I had so sell SOO many things but I think it'll be worth it. I am super close to my goal!)

Anyway here we go!

Jeffrey Campbell Cantu Wide Heel Cut Out Bootie 

Prices seem to vary but most are around the $200 range. 

I think I would need my normal size 7 in these which...of sold out everywhere I have looked.

I did end up ordering them in 7.5 (HERE) and hopefully they will run small : D
You never know because I have taken a 7 and a 7.5 in JC Shoes before so it will really depend. *Wishful thinking here* Maybe because they are closed toe they will run a little small but I'm not sure since they are so open elsewhere. If they don't work out I'll just return them I suppose.

Anyway wish me luck! And if anyone sees these in 7 (Calf Black NOT Patent) 

There is also a lower heel version available at most department stores but I don't think they look as good. Figures. 


Moving on....

There are probably 10 or more Louis Vuitton bags that I would want (some classics that are on the list but idk I keep putting them off. (which is stupid btw because the price just keeps going up!)) but I'm going to stick with the one I have most recently been obsessing over. 

I first time I saw this bag and actually LIKED it was on Alex from HRH Collection. (I've seen it on some celebrities before but thought it looked horrible proportionally)

Naturally I want the same one as her ^_^ and even more naturally....the color is SOLD OUT. lol. I may be able to track it down in stores but I really shouldn't even be buying it so if it's meant to be it will be! 

I always like the LV Vernis anyway - I had wanted to get an Alma MM in a dark blue color but I missed out on it (because it was so expensive I waited) but after seeing this color on Alex - I like. (I looked at it in the dusty pink color but passed since Vernis can get color transfer on it's lighter hues and being a long shoulder or cross body style I wouldn't want to risk it. Plus I already have a clutch in the dusty rose (or Rose Velours if you want to get technical) color that I picked up when I was in Vegas months ago (before the price increase! yay!) - I have to remember to show that to you guys - It's a beautiful piece!)

And now we circle back to shoes : )

Size 7


Okay so after looking at these since the beginning of the month I went ahead and purchased them. I love the look of them on (from what I've seen) but was concerned about comfort with how high the back of the shoe went up (vs. being open) so we shall see. Luckily I got a great deal on them! I had a Jewelmint credit from a past purchase I returned PLUS a 15% OFF Code from a promo card I had gotten at an event. After tax I paid $65 and change and if I don't like them or they are not comfy I can just send them back. 

They remind me very much of something a brand like Jimmy Choo would have (they have a caged sandal right now that has a more open back and those look cute but I'd have to try them on before I could put them on a #WishListWednesday because they could be hideous on idk. lol)

I haven't had very good luck with Shoemint shoes lately but looking at the reviews I have high hopes for this pair quality wise - especially given the slightly increased price. 


Idk if I will ever have a list without Louboutins making it on here. *smh* so one new style and one classic style make the cut this week. 

Let me start off by saying I hate paying this much for a shoe. 

I think these could be really versatile though. 
From Jeans to Skirts and Dresses I could see this being a staple this summer! 

Not sure on the sizing as they are not on the Louboutin site as of yet. Normally I wear a 7 in most Louboutins but for styles that criss cross in the back and go around the ankle I do normally go up 1/2 a size for comfort. (If they have a regular single strap I usually go down a 1/2 size. Weird how that works out.)

Super limited quantities on these currently. Saks is carrying only a few of each size available for pre-order. I haven't seen them on any other site. 

Luckily Saks is on Ebates - Currently 4% Cash Back and I have a 20% OFF code from them (Saks) as well that actually CAN be applied to designer items so we'll see. 

I'm hoping the 7's will fit but I am thinking I may need a 7.5 - if I try them on I will let you know how I think they fit (TTS or otherwise) There are so many factors playing into this shoe it's hard to guess. (Open, Suede, Criss cross ankle strap, Italian Sizing, Heel Height, Platform, etc.)


Now for a classic. These I actually did buy already but they are on pre-order so I won't have them in hand for a while. 

I am much more comfortable with this price range though. Once you get into the $1,000 I feel like the balance between price and quality gets thrown off quite a bit. $600 range I still feel like is reasonable for a FULL leather Italian made designer shoe (even though yes I know that's still a lot for a shoe in general. Hey this IS WISH list Wednesday after all!)

So happy to find these in my size (even if they are pre-order) - they are ALWAYS Sold Out! 

Pigalle is one of my favorite Louboutin styles - I would say probably their most famous/classic. I have a few 120mm but this will be my first 100mm. I am excited to try these out because I think the difference in the heel height will do wonders for the comfort of the shoe. As I do prefer the ones with no platform (vs. Pigalle Plato) walking in them certainly takes practice at just under 5". Generally 100mm or about 4" is the most comfortable heel height for me. It's not too high to be uncomfortable/unmanageable yet not so low where they look matronly. (Although yes the 120mm does have a sexier look)

I would say that my 120mm Black Patent Pigalles are my most worn Louboutin/Heel in general so I know that I will get EVEN MORE wear out of these as they are both a lower heel and a regular leather. I have too many patent shoes and it's really hard to wear them casually. 

This is an all year, all season, timeless classic so I have no regrets going forward with this shoe. 


Lastly I have a couple of things I like but probably won't buy that I wanted to share with you. These are some "If I had unlimited funds" items that are just kind of fun. 

Saw this at Nordstrom while at the Thousand Oaks mall last week. I feel like this is something Kim K. (pre- Kanye) would wear and look awesome in (again....pre-Kanye haha). Unfortunately I saw this while on the way out and Nordstrom was all but kicking people out so I didn't have a chance to try this on. It could be totally hideous on me (and Lord knows these pictures aren't making the dress look too hot either >_<) but it is something I am curious about plus I do tend to like MINKPINK as a brand. 

They were sold out in Small anyway. 
(Medium looked kind of big but again idk until I try it on)

Not really going crazy over this dress - if I happen to see it at my local Nordstrom I may try it on but I don't want to order it online, wait for it and then return it if it's awful on me. (Not that many extra steps I know but idk...#Lazy #SlothLife) 

Lastly I have one more pair of shoes....because CLEARLY I have a problem. lol. I think you guys can tell what my 'drug of choice' tends to be. 

(Available at Nordstrom which is 14% CASH BACK through Ebates till 5/17)

I actually saw these in the Jimmy Choo catalog and loved them on the model! Not $895 love them but I think they are an awesome summer shoe especially with a tan....OOoOOo. 

You all know I am STILL not over the pop of neon trend : P

Aside from the price what holds me back from this shoe is that I don't think they look THAT different and the style kind of limits how much I would be able to wear them. To me it's not a shoe that can really be worn casually day to day. Sure you can wear them with a pair of faux leather skinnies or a dress but that's still on the night out style side and to be honest....I don't go out OUT that much. lol. (I am a total homebody!) It's not like this is a shoe for the club or anything either - being suede they would be on the delicate side. 

Listen to me trying to talk myself out of these shoes. haha.

This photo does NOT help though....

IDK...if for some reason my size is still available when these go on sale or I win the lotto (not that I play anyway) I would LOVE to have these - otherwise I just can't justify the price for how often my lifestyle would allow me to wear them. 

...I may try them on though, just for good measure ;) 


Anyway that's it for this week's #WishListWednesday! I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping by/checking it out. 

I will talk to you all very soon!

Ohh and btw I posted another new video yesterday! 

Lots of Love, 


  1. Hellooooo, Jeffrey Campbells! You know how I feel about JCs after our conversation about the brand this morning, haha. I haven't bought anything from your poshmark but I'm always excited to see what new things you put in there!

  2. Wow the heels and bag are stunning! I especially love the bag, its gorgeous

    Check out my OPI nail polish giveaway!

  3. I think that dress would look great on you! Would love to have a pair of those Louboutins one day too ^_^

    1. thank you! i hope someday you get them : ) they are addicting though!

  4. I'm lovin these wishlist wednesdays! I really like those Jimmy Choos, that yellow really gives it something extra. & that dress I'd love to actually see on a person. Thanks for sharing your wishlist!


    1. aww thank you! yeah i went to look at them today but didnt have a chance to try em on : \ I looked for the dress today too but didn't see it at my local place. booo

  5. omg those JC shoes! <3 i NEEEEEEED them.

  6. I wish I was more daring with my fashion choices!

  7. Hello, I was wondering if the 7.5 JC Cantu boots fit you !
    I am a 7 as well and can only find a 7.5!

    Let me know :-)