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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[Home Decor] Springing Things Up - New Floral Arrangement

Hexagon/Honeycomb Vase from Target 
Hydrangeas in Pink, Cream as well as Peonies from Target
Circular Placemat from Target 

(Bag is a Beige Caviar Jumbo with Silver Hardware by Chanel) 


Decided to get a little more festive with a new floral arrangement for my table after stopping by my local Target a couple weeks ago. (They do still have these items though.) 

Scooped up this white vase (I always do white/cream) - I like the texture. 
The flower were individual clusters and stems were pretty long but I just cut them down to size. I wasn't planning on doing such different colors but they had a very limited selection and ultimately I like the way it came out!

Not much to report on - you all know I am not particularly crafty but I have to say I really am enjoying the new addition : ) 

What do you guys use for your table center pieces? (Also I do not have a coffee table so...this is as close as I get. I feel like my place is too narrow for a coffee table plus it's right where I would need to film.)

Thanks so much for reading! 

See you in a couple of days (if not tomorrow!)



  1. Nothing like fresh flowers to bring some life to an apartment! :) I'm afraid I'd kill too many plants to make it a habit myself, but I'm definitely thinking of getting some cute succulents for my own place. The honeycomb pattern is too cute, I can see the likeness to your bag ;)

    1. these are actually fake flowers! I get real ones from time to time but they die so i got this to be a staple for the season/for when i dont have fresh flowers on hand

    2. I must have not been looking close enough :p That's a great idea!

  2. Those flowers are beautiful. You have such a pretty home! Also loving the chanel bag <3

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  3. I usually use Yankee Candle pillar holders as my centerpieces, but they're kind of all the same height so I need to get some other things to break them up. I think I might check out Target now! The only problem is that every time I walk in there I spend hours looking at everything and then have to edit my shopping cart before I check out!

  4. Such pretty flowers~ always love your videos~



  5. Love the flower arrangement. I can always count on Target for cute house decor.

    Quick question, this might be a little random, but I trust your opinion. If you had to choose between buying a YSL lipstick vs. a lipstick from Chanel, which would you chose? I love the YSL packaging but I'm not sure if its worth paying $32-34 for, never tried the brand before. I have a Chanel Rouge Allure lipgloss & I love it. Never tried any Chanel lipsticks tho. Which would you pick?

  6. It looks really pretty, love the pink and white mix. I also adore flowers I mean what woman doesn't right ;) xoxo

  7. The idea of having fresh flowers at home is really a great one. It brings elegance to one’s home and gives a refreshing smell too. And by the way, I love those flowers you used. Those are so beautiful.