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Friday, July 5, 2013

Just to add some SPARKLE to your day. [Window Shopping Chanel]

Just for fun.

Saw this at my local Nordstrom Chanel Boutique a few weeks back (maybe a month or so) - Not sure what the story was behind this because it's from Fall last year (2012). I kind of think it was a return but the sales associate would not confirm. 

Satin bag COVERED in some of the most sparkly sequins I've ever seen.


...but not worth the price.


It was leather lined in the flap and through the chain but that was about it. 
Not a horrible price, not even one of Chanel's more expensive bags but for the materials and the amount you'd actually be able to use this bag (unless you are Carly Christman lolll) it was just too high of a price, for me anyway. 

Just thought I would share this rare find with you. 

(I did go back to check on it the next day because...well...I have a problem..and it was gone. Someone scooped that baby right away (despite the scratches on the leather on the inside flap and the mangled Nordstrom sticker on the tag (obviously a return lol idk why the SA wouldn't just tell me straight out. haha.)

Hope you all enjoyed. 

I promise I will be back to blogging very soon! (Just got back from Korea if you didn't know :)



  1. OOOPH!!! >__<; That is a pretty big price tag for me, and that is like a couple months rent for me! It is SUPER sparkly though *___* Hope you had a great time in Korea! I'm hoping you picked up some goodies and will hopefully share soon! ^.~

  2. Such a gorgeous bag though! Just watched your video! loved it~~



  3. Wow, the Chanel looks amazing!

  4. That bag definitely reminds me of Carly! lol

  5. omg if I had that amount of money D: ... I would get a dining table. LOL and other furniture for my new apt. But still! That bling would make everyday sparkle-worthy!

  6. AMAZING blog!!!!!!! keep up the great work!<3
    xx Peach

  7. THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn't have been able to resist!