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Thursday, July 25, 2013

[Beauty] Swatches: Wet n' Wild 'Pop Art Craze' Limited Edition Eye Shadow Trios

Just got back from Rite Aid and snagged myself a few of these new Wet n' Wild 'Pop Art Craze' Limited Edition Color Icon Trios - I just couldn't resist! 

These are only 3 of the 6 palettes that launched with this collection but it was all they had left haha. 

Colors: (in order of photos/swatches)

I'm Seeing Triplets! 
Hard Being the It Girl
To Muse and Carouse

(all shades are matte : ) 

Retail: $2.99 

(I only paid $2.09 each because they were on sale!) 

As most of you know I am probably one of the ONLY people (especially on YouTube) that dislikes most of the Wet n' Wild Trio shadows (but their single shadows are AMAZING) - I normally find them to be quite chalky, patchy, overall just cheap looking on, not to mention they break VERY easily, but these colors were just so fun I couldn't resist scooping them up! (plus Rite Aid has an awesome return policy - if you don't like it you just bring it back!) 

I would say out of the 3 that I purchased the one that I would not recommend is the first one pictured/swatched, I'm Seeing Triplets, it had far less color pay off and was just overall underwhelming. I think you could make it work with a base but you know me, I want a product to perform right out of the pan and I don't think this one will. 

The next two seemed much more promising although for me the last one, To Muse and Carouse, will probably not be as flattering. (I have the matte 6 color palette which has a similar peach/orange nude and it looks awful on my skin tone.)
 I would say as of now Hard Being the It Girl looks the most appealing to me. I find the color combination to be quite pretty and the shades swatch as nice as I would expect - not mind blowing but still good for a $2 eyeshadow palette.

At the end of the day I just don't see the hype with the Wet n' Wild Trios, nor do I know why I continue to purchase them -__- lol. Is is the affordability or the thrill of scooping up their latest limited edition combinations? I don't know. 

I don't think the shadows are horrible and you are definitely not getting ripped off at $2-$3 but it's not always about the price. To me it's about the product's performance. I have yet to be impressed with any of the Wet n' Wild Trio palettes. I do think they are great if you just want to try out a crazy color or experiment/have fun but I don't consider these a worthwhile investment/addition to your makeup collection. 

If you want to try something really awesome from the Wet n' WIld line I have listed/linked my personal favorites/recommendations down below. These products are great and a total steal at $1.99 - $4.99

My TOP Wet n' Wild Recommendations: 
(linked from Amazon for convenience but you will find the best prices at your local drugstore!)

Single Eyeshadow in Penny

I hope this post was helpful! As always thank you so much for reading :) 

Talk to you soon,

All photos were taken with my iPhone 4S


  1. Love the one on the right! The neutral + peach + bright blue/turquoise is SO pretty! :)

  2. interesting choices for the brow bone colors!