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Saturday, July 20, 2013

FOUND: Lipstick Dupe for Maybelline Pink Please

As many of you may remember I was TOTALLY obsessed with Maybelline's ColorSensational Lipstick in Pink Please for a while - It was one of my first RAVE review products when I first started my YouTube channel. I've since grown past the color (as I have lost my tan and my tastes have changed in 4 years lol) but I know many people still love this color and are always looking for a suitable replacement. 

I found this color (P35) while in Korea, it seemed like a color I would like but I found it to be too peachy/dark for my current taste. When I got it home much to my surprise it was very similar to my once loved (025) Pink Please
To date it is the closest color I have found and since they are both ColorSensational Lipsticks (the P35 is actually a "lasting" variety though) the formula is quite comparable.

I was unable to find P35 on Amazon but did find it on a couple of Asian websites - I would need to do some more advanced searching I think as it did not turn up on any of the sites I normally browse. P35 should be able to be found in Korea and other Asian countries as well as Australia. I purchased mine from a store called Olive Young in Seoul, South Korea.

Maybelline 025 Pink Please -

For more Details and a Demo 
Watch the Video Here:

Hope this was still somewhat helpful! 

Thanks so much for watching and reading : ) 

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  1. Love the maybelline lipstick ! The colours are gorgeous !

  2. I love your videos so so much!

  3. I have that problem too! Ever since I moved up north my tan has disappeared and had to basically buy everything over again!