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Monday, March 11, 2013

[Beauty] Tryst Lacquers : Liaison in London : Fresh Paint and New Polishes

3 Coats of Tryst Lacquers - Liaison in London

So this is a very special Fresh Paint Post.

The polish I am using today is from Tryst Lacquers which is a new/up and coming brand hand done and created by Kimberly Maranan

Okay story time: 
So I actually found Kimberly when she commented on one of my nail posts via Instagram.
 I was intrigued by her thumbnail and was like 'hmm I wonder if those are her nails or if it's something she grabbed off the internet' - *proceed to clicking user account*

Oh Em Gee - They're hers!






*Goes back to my pic - replies back.*

*Continues to obsess over nail pictures for months.*

- Present Day -

photo from hollyannaeree's Instagram 

The color I used today is called Liaison in London -

medium dusty red jelly-creme base filled with tiny black and white hex glitter.
3 thin coats to full opacity, but can be used layered over various other polishes to create different and exciting new looks.

3-free and hand-blended


I actually saw this on my friend Sam (Saaammage) and loved it on her!

In these photos I used 3 coats of the polish but you could easily just use two. It was my first time trying these so I was testing it out.

Finished off with a fast drying top coat, Seche Vite.

If you follow me on Instagram or are a regular reader of my blog you have probably seen me mention her in the past. Her and I talk back and forth and she very sweetly sent me some of the polishes she makes (MAKES...blows my mind!) - as well as a ridiculously good coffee flavored chocolate bar(?) thing that I've never seen/had before.
(I don't think it's sold here in the US (She's from Canada))

They are all beautiful and I can't wait to try them all out!

Be sure to keep an eye out for them in future 'Fresh Paint' Posts! 


Tryst Lacquers are available through Kimberly's Site or Etsy Shop if you are interested. 

($7.50 - $10 It's cheaper to buy from here - her permanent site)


Which color would you want to see next? 
Leave a comment down below! 
(all colors are shown in the same order throughout photos)

Thank you again x100000000 to Kimberly for a.) being awesome and talented 
b.) for being so sweet to me as well as sending me these great polishes to try out!

Be sure and check her out on Instagram for various polish swatches as well as nail art & designs : ) 

Buy Tryst Lacquers HERE

Retail: 15ml Bottles are $7.50 - $10 

P.S. Kimberly OceanFront View looks AWESOME! So glad to see a turquoise added to the mix! 

Thank you all for reading! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post : ) 

A litte me update for those interested:
Sorry I haven't had a video up yet - I fell off the wagon with my sleep schedule again and am really trying to fix it >_< I am also working hard to do a little spring cleaning in my apt AND my little brother is coming back again for a visit - TODAY! ^_^ I'm so excited and happy! (my family lives in Connecticut if you didn't know) 

Lastly - I was eating pretty much a vegetarian diet the last week and a half which included a lot of soy products to supplement (normally I don't have soy products because I use to be allergic to it - now I can have soy sauce etc. but I was still not having it in large quantities (which is fine I heard too much isn't good for you anyway) but I am definitely having a reaction to it and just was not feeling great not to mention it messed with my skin. (I mean not bad enough where it will show on camera but I've been trying to take it easy, not wear makeup etc.) 

For those wondering I'm not currently trying to go vegetarian (I've tried in the past and it has not worked out for me. Not liking vegetables and being allergic to soy really puts a damper on it lol) BUT I have been wanting to try to eat a bit healthier so I can feel (and look) better. Unfortunately a lot of the foods I had picked out happen to be soy based : \


If any of you have great tasting, not horrible for you, vegetarian recipes (that do not include beans) please share! It would be MUCH appreciated! (I know I can google to find recipes but I want something that is tried and YOU!) 


Hope you guys don't mind the bit of personal chat - sometimes I don't know when to throw it in. I don't want to do a separate post only on personal stuff because that's probably really boring haha but I do like to update you all and my blog definitely has a more intimate crowd. 

Thank you all for sticking with me. 
Reading, following, commenting on my blog as well as watching, subscribing and supporting me on YouTube. 

It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

Talk to you all very soon.



  1. You should try other Indie polishes as well. :) I started buying some Indie polishes lately and they're all amazing! I've heard of this brand, but have yet to purchase anything as shipping can be costly from CAN to the US. Try "Kiss on the Lips" next. It seems to be a lovely color!

    1. i am curious about them but i guess id have to see them or stumble upon someone like i did with Kimberly. i have heard some are not so great : \

  2. great review holly! im definitely trying it out! <3

  3. awh, theyr'e so cute, thanks for the review!
    i love how thorough you always are <3

    xo, shannon marie

  4. these polishes look amazing...

    as for a veggie recipe... i have switched to a 'clean' lifestyle recently... to lose weight and generally become healthier.... if you like egg-plant this is really great

    or place red peppers which have been halved in the oven for 10-15mins then stuff them with anything you like i usually add quinoa with stir fry veggies... yumm
    DIY strawberry fruit bouquet

  5. I'm addicted to your Fresh Paint Posts! I'd love to see "Kiss on the Lips"! Also, kale chips are a great vegetarian recipe (and easy to make) for non-vegetable lovers lol - just sprinkle balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese onto some chopped-up kale, then bake in the oven at 350 until they're crispy. Hope that helps!

  6. WOw those are gorgeous!!!

  7. I want to try all of them, they're all so gorgeous!!
    Fashion Ganache.

  8. hi! what happened to your monthly favs video that was up and is now gone? I really liked your revlon lipstick in that video, but i dont remember the name (the one similar to fairest nude). Thanks!

    1. ??? not sure which one you are talking about - you need to be more specific because ive been doing those videos for yearsssss

    2. oh hmm...maybe I accidentally watched an old favorites video. I thought it was a new one that you had put up.....but i guess not. But it was a lipstick that two of your subscribers sent you cuz you were looking for it and you said it was a warmer version of fairest nude.

  9. Haha, I totally get that meme. As an indie polish maker myself, it's good to see that you support indie brands! Keep up the great work <3

    1. : ) i think they are so cool! how do you find out about people who make them?

  10. I wish these polishes were sold in her stores (i.e. So Into You, etc.)

    Regarding vegetable recipes, I love spinach sauteed lightly with garlic; kale with mushrooms in butter or just plain olive oil; kale chips; green beans with butter, soy sauce and brown sugar (outback steakhouse recipe :P); sour mustard greens; buttered corn; fresh spinach with tomatoes in balsamic vinegar and salt/pepper; I hate salads but I'll eat it if it has Girard's light champagne dressing; olives and artichoke hearts with pasta and lemon juice; bok choy and other asian green veggies are great stir fried with garlic and ginger and a dash of soy sauce or you can go without the soy sauce but sesame oil is great to use with these veggies; steamed broccoli with seasoning and/or butter; I sound like Paula Deen pre-diabetes promoting butter LOL

    Another great way to incorporate veggies without eating straight veggies is those veggie chips/sticks (, tortillas made with veggies by Trader Joes ( , and pasta made with vegetables (

    Good luck and hope you're feeling better from the allergies!

    1. thank you so much!!!! ^_^

      (so into you use to be but its from a previous collection so it may have sold out? : (

  11. Very lovely colours ^^

    Emi x