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Friday, March 15, 2013

[Fashion] Big Cats + Black Fringe

( Mini MAC also Available - Here)

 Hendrick Brun Sharae (Here)- Sold Out
(These and These would look good as well)

Black Fringe Skirt: 
Forever 21 (Here)

Tiger Tank: 
Brandy Melville (Here)
(Similar style HERE)

(I LOVEEE this bracelet!) 

Just a quick snapshot of my Outfit the other day/night. 

We basically just went to get Ramen with my brother and caught a movie later on. 
(OZ the Great and Powerful) 

It is been so nice and warm this week I have been busting out all my new warm weather tops and bottoms! Today I went for all black (I don't know - I've been into it lately).

The Details: 

The top is a cut off tank from Brandy Melville (I'm wearing a simple black bandeau underneath) that I tied in the back to give me a little more shape. It's a pretty loose fitting top so I couldn't really just leave it as is for this outfit - Any shape would be lost with the relaxed fit and black on black.   
I have been really into these cut tanks lately. I just wear a bandeau underneath and we are good to go. Comfortable as well as a little tough/vintage looking. 
(The "I don't care I'll wear ripped, aged items (that I really bought brand new, mass produced and spent over $20 on even though I could make this at home for like $3 -___-") man I wish I was more crafty). The top is one size fits all for reference. 

You all know I am definitely a cat lover so any way I can work them into my wardrobe I'm going to go for it! (Although it does seem like the bigger cat varieties are a little more socially acceptable lol. No weird looks with a tiger or cheetah but a sleeping house cat tee and you suddenly become "THAT girl" lol.) 

Another new piece that I added to my wardrobe a couple weeks ago is this Fringe Skirt from Forever 21 - I love it! So fun and a great way to add texture and interest to your outfit without being overly flashy. I have been wearing this so often lately - typically with vintage looking tees/tanks - sometimes paired with a cropped denim vest. It's definitely a different style for me but I have been having a lot of fun playing around with these types of looks. (Wearing a size Medium for reference.) 

The shoes you have seen last year if you are a follower of my YouTube videos. They were on super sale and I loved them so much I have two pairs! I like how bold they are - I love wearing black shoes if I am wearing a black skirt or shorts and usually if there is a thicker strap detail they look even better. These are also pretty low which is great for comfort. I can walk around in these all day without an issue. The look of a heel with the comfort of a small wedge. 

For my bag I am wearing the Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip Mini - Black with Gold Hardware - I have gotten sooo much use out of this bag! The 5 Zip Mini is my favorite from Rebecca Minkoff and it surprisingly holds everything I need! (I recently did a "What's In my Bag" Video featuring this purse so feel free to check it out if you are interested.)

Lastly one of my FAVORITE new purchases - this Lion Chain bracelet. O-M-G 
I just think this is such a cool twist on a fashion favorite (chain bracelets) and it goes with pretty much everything I wear. 
It's a nice, heavy weight and looks kind of vintage to me. Surprisingly nice quality for the price. Great to pair or wear alone. (It is a little big on me but if you clip it to the actual chain links vs. the extender you should be fine. You can always take off a few links if you have some heavy duty pliers.) 


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all enjoyed this post! I'm so happy to be doing fashion posts on here finally : ) Sorry for the iPhone photos today - I didn't have time to take my DSLR outside, etc. 

(I'm also writing this in between working on a new video that will hopefully be up soon   : ) I know it's been a while!)

Talk to you hopefully tomorrow!



  1. i loove your ootds!! I really don't mind iphone photos.. i just want to see your looks. i really love your blog! X

  2. Ahh I love that purse! It's so pretty! : D

  3. Lion everything! Super chic :D I love your fringe skirt!

  4. Hey Holly!

    Love the dark, edgy look on you! So pretty -- I am super envious of your legs haha
    Love the post :) I actually just started blogging last week and would love if you could come check out my blog!
    Any support would be great!


  5. LOVE your outfit so much! I actually also have that bag, but mine's neon yellow!

  6. Hi Holly, I just wanted to let you know that chrstincredible is using a picture of the zara leather sandals that you posted on her poshmark

    1. thank you!!!! I have commented her and if she doesnt take them down I will be reporting her to Poshmark to have the listing removed. thank you so much for letting me know i really appreciate it!

  7. I saw your skirt today at forever 21! I was about to get it but chickened out cause I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to pull it off.
    but you look great, Holly!

    1. aww you should have just tried it out! ^_^ or at least tried it on! thanks so much : )

  8. I love the outfit, totally something I would wear!
    I've never been into fringe but I think I'm starting to like it. :) The skirt is amazing.

  9. I saw that skirt at the mall too today! But didn't even think twice about it, now I may go back to even try it on, it looks like one of those things that look better on than on a hanger. I like the all black look with the loud print. awesomesauce

  10. I love your blog! Definitely following now, stay in touch xx

  11. such a cute outfit!
    i think its so funny that you're in a public restroom (:

    xo, shannon marie

  12. Love the outfit Holly! I also really love the shoes u recommended from Kohls! Thx!