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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[Beauty] Milani Texture Cream Nail Polishes - Limited Edition - Review and Swatches

So excited about these NEW Limited Edition TEXTURE Polishes from Milani! 

Described as a Bright, vibrant crème nail lacquer with a textured, matte finish.

(It says top coat optional but I think it looks better without and lasts just as long as my regular polishes.)

Comes in SIX Colors:

901- Tainted in Red - and Orange Red Matte 
902 - Spoiled in Fuchsia - Fuchsia Matte
903 - Aqua Splash 
904 Yellow Mark
905 - Purple Streak - Dark Purple Matte
906 -Shady Gray - Deep Gray Matte 

So far Tainted in Red is my FAVORITE! (Shown Below)

I always find these Bright Red/Orange colors to be flattering on my skin tone and just beautiful for Spring/Summer. 

Fresh and Retro at the same time! 

I surprisingly really like the "textured" look - I didn't think I would but the granules are fine enough to keep the look crisp and neat while still adding a hip twist to a matte finish. 

(I would NOT like this polish if it did not have a matte finish.) 

It's also super easy to apply! It goes on a bit watery/thin which allows you to get a great, even coat. (I would suggest doing two coats) This also makes the polish fairly fast drying plus with no need for a top coat it's a very quick and easy manicure. 

Upon initial application it doesn't look much different than a regular polish, it's not until it starts to dry down where you will see all of the texture happen.

One of my favorite parts - The finish makes touch ups SUPER easy! Since it's not a glossy finish if you make a mistake or get a chip it's easy enough to just apply a little more polish, let it dry and your touch up will be seamless! 
It let's me keep my manicure even longer!

Overall the polish did pretty well for me - 4 days before I got any type of chips (and I think that was just because I was doing a lot housework) which I think is really good especially considering I didn't use a top coat. 

Removal was surprisingly easy. Requires a little more time than a normal polish (which is to be expected) but less difficult to remove than a glitter polish. 

I definitely plan on making these fun polishes a staple this Spring/Summer! 

Retail $4.99 

Can be purchased on 

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you've enjoyed : )

Talk to you all very soon! 


  1. thanks for the this, I was just thinking about trying out some new polishes! :)

  2. I've always wanted to try matte nail polishes and Milani sounds great and cheap. Thanks for sharing Holly!

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about the texture polishes... I love the shine I get from painting my nails. Maybe its not for me.

  4. Love the look of these! Did you find them in Target?

    1. thanks! so far the only place ive seen them is on milanis website

  5. Would love to try one of these, especially the darker colors!

  6. Those look so fun! I might try to the Fushia and Aqua colors! Great post!

    1. I've got the Fuchsia one on my nails now : ) ill be posting a pic on my instagram soon

  7. Are these comparable to the OPI Liquid Sand collection? I'm SO obsessed and have all the colors. They last the longest out of any polish I've ever tried, even without a topcoat. Usually polish lasts 2-3 days without chips on me, but these last more than a week, and they are easy to touch up, like you said. The blue one is my favorite - obviously they are matte, but they have such a mesmerizing glitter to them at the same time.

  8. ooh! i really like the yellow color a lot! must try!
    how is the "feel" of your nails with the polish on? does it feel like sand paperish?

    1. its not as rough as you would think - and it doesnt get caught on anything so thats a plus! not really sure what I could compare it to though - its not really like anything ive ever had on my nails before

  9. wow what an interesting texture! i wanna try them!

    Laura x

  10. Love this! Thanks so much for reviewing :)

  11. Very pretty polishes. Your nails are shaped so nicely :)

  12. These look really pretty but i wonder if they'll end up bothering me. I normally don't even like feeling glitter topcoats on my nails. lol.


  13. Really cool, I may have to try these out! Love the yellow & black!!!

    ❤ Temi Truly

  14. Your nails are so nice!

  15. OMG! I absolutely love love love the textured look! Going to pick some up for myself! Thanks for the review Holly!


  16. Omg I need to get them! I♥ all the colours and that colour IS very flattering on your skin tone.
    Great post.