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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[Fashion] Pretty Printed - Brights and Black Leather



Elastic Waist Faux Leather Shorts:
Zara (Similar Here)

Printed Top: 

I've been going pretty minimal (for me) on the accessories lately. I just haven't been wanting to deal with the added weight and noise of an arm party and what not. Today I just went with earrings from House of Harlow - I had others that played up the more tropical aspects of this top but chose to keep it simple with the black leather accents because I felt like a brighter color would still look okay - nice for pictures but kind of too much for regular life. (Sometimes when I get too matchy matchy with large accessories I feel like the Chiquita Banana lady lol.)

My top is from the Prabal Gurung for Target collection, the only thing I purchased from the line. (BTW this top is SUPER itchy to me on top around the neck. H&M had a similarly cut top last year and it was way more comfortable! Also I am wearing an XS for reference) I was definitely tardy to the party on this one (and typically any special release collection lol) but I'm okay with it. The only things I would have wanted to scoop up were the SHOESSS - of course. Butttttttttt I was afraid the quality might not be that great and there was nothing I saw that was so different where I couldn't find it in another brand. : \ (lol #tryingtobeokaywithnotgettingtheshoes) 

Which brings me to my, often favorite part, THE SHOES! I purchased these from Zara a few days ago and I love them! They are currently sold out online because I believe they have been out for a while but luckily my local Zara usually has a 37 in stock randomly. They are decently comfortable for what they are but not really something I would consider a walking long distances shoe. It was fine for me out and about to brunch and what not though. (Today was my first day wearing them) I love the look! Classic, simple and sexy. 

The faux leather shorts with elastic waist are also from Zara and were under $40. I couldn't find them on the website but I purchased them a couple days ago so they should still be in stores : ) I love the elastic waist and pocket detail! Although these can add a little bulk to the look they are super comfortable and just kind of cool : ) They are also a looser fit and come down a little longer in the back so although they look short I dont feel like my butt is falling out of the back or anything. (I purchased a size M for reference.) 

Lastly I am wearing the same Alexander Wang Rocco handbag again so sorry if you are sick of seeing it - just went so perfectly with this outfit I couldn't resist! I love both the Rocco and Rockie (this is the one I have - HERE) for those of you wondering how I feel about the bags. (I've been getting a lot of questions on it.) As far as the weight I don't have a problem with it personally. If you watch my "What's in my Bag" Video you'll see that I don't typically carry too much but I would say this is not an every day bag for those heavy packers out there! 


Woot woooooot! Two outfit posts in a row : ) 
I'm excited! Can't wait till Steve has time to help me take some real pictures of my outfits (at this point I am still relying on screen grabs from video footage -__-) but hopefully you guys are still enjoying the posts none the less.

Thanks so much for reading! 

Talk to you soon,


  1. Great look! I love how the whole outfit comes together so cohesively. I have to ask, is the Alexander Wang bag heavy on its own since it has all the studs?

    1. thank you! i talked about it in the post - for me its not that heavy because i dont carry a ton of stuff in my purses - a lot of people complain about the weight though. also personally im not carrying my bag for long periods of time not sure how long other people are carrying their bags for but id say normal to and from it shouldnt be a big deal. why not just go to the store and try it on, then youll know how heavy it is on its own before you fill it.

  2. I love the shoes! I was debating on whether I should get the leather pair or the pair with the gold heel. These look much more classic though. Love the outfit.

    1. thanks! i almost got the gold ones too but i figured id wear these more plus i dont have anything like them believe it or not!

  3. Always look beautiful! I'm in love with your top!
    Fashion Ganache.

  4. Love the shoes!!!! Such a classic piece to add in any closet. And that bag is gorgeous! :)

    xo – Sheila

  5. I love those Zara shoes <3

  6. Absolutely love the bright bag! :D

  7. i've never bought heels from zara before but loveee these. how would you say they are in terms of sizing?

  8. I seriously had to buy these shoes after seeing this post! can't wait to wear them! just got them in the mail today! <333 thanks holly!