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Monday, January 28, 2013

LUUUX? NO LONGER! Waste of Time! (Policy Update RANT!)

LOL Okay so I just started my blog back up and already with a negative post. (This blog will mainly be for beauty and fashion posts but I felt like this was important because I know I had turned a lot of people on to this site and I wanted to let you know what was up with their RIDICULOUS policy change) I probably wont have many "rant" posts but this one I felt the need to pass along. 

So I just received an email from LUUUX (screen shot above) saying how they would like to offer a free gift or 9,120 LUUUX$ credited to your account. 

Initially I was like - cool! Puts me closer to my goal (you know I am saving for the pair of Louboutins they have in their shop ; ) Christian Louboutin Simple 100mm Pumps 
As I read further I saw that their exchange rate had changed, hence the reason for the gift. So I decided what the heck - might as well read what the changes are...


Their prices have gone up a RIDICULOUS amount! The same pair of Christian Louboutin Simple 100mm Pumps (Retail $625 in the US) USE to be 38,830 LUUUX$ CUT & DRY - that is INCLUDING Shipping, Fees, etc. 

NOW the same pair of shoes is 193,344 LUUUX$ AND you need to pay Shipping, Taxes/Fees out of your own pocket with a credit card. O_o

NOT TO MENTION - Even with my 20,000+ LUUUX$ the price of the shoes after shipping/fees etc. is over $700....that is more than retail my friend - EVEN WITH USE OF MY POINTS. 

Umm what. 

That is a tremendous price hike! 
They haven't even adjusted the earning scale to compensate for the increase at ALL. You still get:
1 LUUUX$ for Liking a Post (50 LUUUX$ per day cap)
1 LUUUX$ for Commenting a Post
1 LUUUX$ for Sharing your Link & someone clicking on it (1 Unique visit per month)
7 LUUUX$ for Posting Content (with all for LUUUX$ Shop Links used)
10 LUUUX for someone signing up through you

It doesn't take a mathematician to calculate you are going to be on the site for a VERY long time before you will be able to cash in on anything and EVEN THEN - it still costs you money out of your pocket. 

I have a decently large audience and post frequently on the site. I go to the site every day to earn my 50 LUUUX$ for rating other peoples posts. EVEN then it takes me about a year to earn enough points to get one of these prizes - with the price 5X more than what it use to be - I'll have to go on the site everyday for 5 years? Come on now. -__- 

And that's for someone with a following - for someone that doesn't have one it seems nearly IMPOSSIBLE now. 

Now as most of you know I was really into this site for a while. I had even done a video talking to you about it and how it works a couple of years ago. At that time it really was a great thing they had going. 

I think that the points for Liking a post and commenting were the same 1 LUUUX$ 
But here's where it was different:
50 LUUUX$ for sign ups (not sure if that was a limited time thing)
2 LUUUX$ for Link Shares - no limit on the users (i.e. now there is a cap where you can only be credited for one unique users click within a 30 day period - even if you post different posts. Basically it only really pays to post once a month as far as share links are concerned.)
There were (to my knowledge) also no caps on how many likes, etc. you could be credited for. 

All of those things make a WORLD of difference when you are trying to rack up points. 

(Now they don't even have those point values listed from what I can see. I just know from my own experience.)

Listed above are the last two transactions I had through the LUUUX Shop - My last redemption was for a pair of Christian Louboutin Nude Patent Simple 100mm Pumps - you can see the price there and also how long it took me to earn those points. 11 months (thanks in large part to you guys for supporting my posts etc. so THANK YOU!) - that's visiting the site just about EVERY DAY as well as creating and posting content. 

BOTTOM LINE: My advice to you guys is to not waste your time on the site anymore. As sad as that makes me to say since I was really great at one point. I hate to see you guys slaving away trying to earn points from a site that may never give you your prize. It's just too hard to earn enough points now & with the increase almost impossible to get a prize in a reasonable time frame. 

Personally I can't really complain overall - you all know that I earned some great prizes from the site and had enjoyed my stay for the last couple of years. These new changes just are too much and I want to pass on the information to you all, just as I did when the site first started. Luckily I think most people have already stopped using the site but if any of you are like me and still saving up, this post is for you. 

There are other great sites that are legitimate (and will remain legitimate) big company sites that have been around for a while that I would suggest if you are looking to earn a little extra money. No prizes involved but you could save the cash you earn to buy one of these luxe prizes for yourself. I think that would be a better more sure fire way to earn a little something something for your time. 

Let me know if you would like a Blog Post or YouTube video on ways to earn a little extra cash. Right now I would say HANDS DOWN the best one to use is Ebates - I've done a video talking about it before which I will link here (ignore the black Friday/cyber Monday chat since thats already passed but I explain how the site works) I've been a member since 2007 and have never had an issue. (Just started earning within the last year or so - I never use to online shop before)

 Basically Ebates lets you earn a % of your online purchase in Cash Back form and cut you a check every 3 months. I have had many of my viewers tweet me pictures of their first checks any everyone has been pretty happy! Sometimes it's not much but it adds up & if its 10% Cash Back (rates vary from 1.5% to 40% depending on the site) on something you were going to buy anyway then why not! 

Again I'm not going to get too into on this post but I will link Ebates here to sign up if you are interested & want to learn more. 

Another thing I have been doing to earn some money for my 'shoe fund' is re-selling a lot of my stuff. Out with the old to raise funds for the new! An easy iPhone app I have been using is Poshmark. I will leave a link to My Closet if you'd like to check it out. It's been a great way to clear out my apt and consolidate what I have. 

Thanks so much for reading - See you soon with a new video on YouTube

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  1. Honestly, LUUUX had always gotten on my nerves from the start. Low amount of points for everything (this is when we had seven points!), such a slow website that it was a pain in the butt to even make posts or just browse.... this just takes the cake, ha. This company is absolutely absurd now.

  2. Great post and I thank you so much for it because I would have never knew about this! I tried so hard to save up points for items and now those items are even farther from my reach :(

    1. Glad it was helpful! I think what they did is awful!

  3. These prices are way too high and I agree, they should at least make it easier to earn points!
    It just really sucks because I have a lot of luuux saved up and now I cannot even use it..

  4. I'm really glad you shared this; I have been using Luuux for a long time, and I never heard about this because I stopped using it for a while and recently just got back on. I understand that they're a company and they're trying to make money, but it kind of sucks how they'd change something like that.

    1. no problem : ) glad you found it helpful. i think the site, if they are that bad off, is probably going to go out of business. I wish they would have at least given a warning but I guess if they did everyone would cash in their points - something they obviously dont want :\

  5. Yeah, I noticed that when I went to the Luuux shop today and had to do a double-take to see whether I saw it wrong or something. Plus it annoyed me a little that they got rid of the electronics because I was personally saving up for the Nintendo 3DS. Aw well...all good things must come to an end.

  6. I'm pretty disappointed and will no longer waste my time there either. It's not just about the change and the incentives but the feeling that I can't trust the site and that they've cheated everyone.

    1. well the only way they've "cheated" anyone IS by the change so I'm not sure what you mean.

    2. Sometimes website has to undergo some changes in order to stay in business or make a profit to meet the demands...that's understandable I can accept that, but what I mean is other than making the change, they could've made an announcement so that people had at least an idea that they were planning to close the shop for x amount of time and allow people a chance to order something (if they chose to) before the shop is closed. Instead they just do whatever whenever and ignore everyone's inquiries. Many people asked when the shop was going to reopen and they were left with no answers. And when we got our answer, 6/7 months later, that's the shock we all came to.

    3. well of course they werent going to announce it - they didnt WANT people to be able to cash in their points because they can't afford to pay them out. They got in over their head. They were losing tons of money giving out prizes so these were the changes that were made. It would have been honorable for them to let people know but the way they did this was strategic. They couldn't afford to back the points earned by users for the prizes. : \

  7. Joined the site ages ago, been active for like two weeks and then disappeared, just like that. It was already hard BACK THEN to earn $, but the changes are just plain ridiculous. You clearly put so much effort into raising your account and earning $, I hate when that happens, so sorry :(

  8. I started using the site years ago because of you! I have met so many people and watched how our posts have grown from then till now. I am so disappointed in the site and it is such a waste of time now. I've recently decided to make my own blog away from Luuux and I have been loving it so far. I hope you can check it out sometime! <3