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Monday, March 3, 2014

[Fashion] For the Love of Mint. #MINTspiration

From left to right: Christian Louboutin So Kate, SJP Collection Bobbi, Manolo Blahnik BB Pump

So it should be no big secret that Mint is one of my favorite colors! It's just so pretty, feminine and it really pops on my skin tone.
Not sure if you've ever noticed but mint is one of the most difficult colors to find in shoes! Especially better quality shoes. 

Photo from hollyannaeree's Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen my most recent mint purchase - "Bobbi" from the Sarah Jessica Parker x Nordstrom collaboration - that gave me the idea for the group photo which gave me the idea for the blog post and here we are. : )

I wanted to show you some of the mint shoes I've found from some of my favorite designers and give you some info on them. (All are Full leather, Italian Made shoes)

"So Kate" is currently one of my favorite styles from Christian Louboutin (Instagram write up HERE) - it's for sure one of the more comfortable 120mm no platform shoes I've tried. (Keeping in mind it's still a 5" heel with no platform - it's never going to be like wearing flip flops no matter the brand or price!) The fit is also much better than the previous style of Pigalle (they have changed the Pigalle recently to have a better fit, more like the So Kate yet the new Pigalle falls short for me. Photo comparison HERE and Pigalle vs. Pigalle write up HERE). They are suppose to fit more true to size yet I still find that I need a 36.5 in these (37 is my true size). The patent version of this shoe is a bit difficult to break in, yet the suede I find to be very comfortable right from the start and only get more comfortable with time. For patent So Kate I currently own a black pair and this "aqua" pair - the black broke in quite easily after a few wears around the house while this aqua pair...well I'm still working on it. 
(On a side note: as much as I love Louboutins I am kind of taking a break from them - there are other styles that I am just getting into more right now and I am a little over the red sole. Sometimes it's a cool pop but sometimes it's just too much! I don't always want to be so flashy. Who knows, months from now I could be back on the CL train but those are just my thoughts at the moment. It doesn't help that brands like Saint Laurent and Manolo Blahink are about 1000000000X more comfortable (generally speaking).)

(says Mint on the site yet Blue Suede on the box)
Of all the pairs I tried on at Nordstrom (they didn't have every style at the store I went to) the "Bobbi" seemed to be the best quality. The style and overall feel of these are very similar to Manolo Blahnik, not that I'm surprised given who her partner for SJP Collection is. The regular leather styles I tried weren't as luxe in my opinion - especially for the price. I just wasn't overwhelmed with the quality of the leather on most but I am however always pleased to find a shoe with a soft leather sole. 
Normally I do not buy such open sandals (open toe d'Orsay) with no ankle strap because I have a narrow heel and it is often difficult for me to keep the shoe on but I really could not pass these up. I am a big Sex and the City fan and really wanted something from this collection. (Not to mention these just scream SATC to me!) As far as fit I did need to size down 1/2 a size, not surprising (although I prefer a 7 in Manolo Blahnik's Sedaraby) - what was surprising is that for a 3.5" (relatively low) heel these aren't overly comfortable. I have not worn them out and about yet but have given them a hour or so in the house - it seems like what is making them not so comfy for me is that my foot is working a bit to hold the shoe on, forcing me to unintentionally try and grab onto the shoe with my toe/ball of my foot area. These are the best fit I can get with this particular shoe, they don't slip off the back while walking but just something to keep in mind if you've never tried this style before. Also there seems to be a bit of friction on the ball of the foot closest to the toes - a small ball of the foot pad can probably fix that although I hate adding anything to my shoes. 
Other than that, a really pretty and feminine shoe - great price point and I LOVE her grosgrain detailing on the back of all the shoes! 

Not much to say about these - hands down Manolo Suede BB Pumps are the most comfortable pointy toe pumps I own. I have several pairs and love collecting the different colors that come out every season. (Lime Pair featured HERE on my blog) With a 4" heel (I am most comfortable with 4" for heels) and a leather sole that is almost as soft as the suede itself, I could walk forever in these. Not the sexiest shoe on the planet but for sure a classic.
Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman currently have a deal with Manolo where you can customize your BB pumps! You choose the color, material and heel height. One of these days I want to try for a 115mm heel - as much as I love the comfort of a 100/105mm heel just that little extra really makes the shoe look so much better to me! 

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post. I know I am not on a regular schedule with these (or anything!) but I appreciate those that follow and enjoy. 
I hope this was helpful to some of you and if nothing else a bit of eye candy. ; )



  1. Ahhh. shoe envy! Mint is such a gorgeous colour~



  2. Beautiful shoes. The color!!!:-) I love the Manolo Blahnik the most. The scallop motive is very nice, girly.

  3. Eeee!! Those heels are perf. I can totally see you in mint, it looks great on your skintone!!!


  4. So pretty! I love the SJP ones especially =)

  5. love mint colors too Holly ! and all those shoes is pretty

  6. I love the color mint too! These shoes are sooo pretty and I can't wait to see some of your style posts with them on!

    xo - Sheila