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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#WishListWednesday #4 - YSL, Vintage Chanel, Christian Louboutin + More

Well it's been a while since I've done a #WishListWednesday and I know some of you have been asking so here we go! Now just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been browsing ; ) Here are a few of my most recent obsessions. 
(Not the ONLY items I've had my eye on but these are the highlights)

I've been eyeing this bag for ages! I know everyone has the small size but I tried one on and - not for me O_O - not only does the small hold an impractical amount but overall it just does not look good on me. 

The medium should be just right although I have yet to try one on. I wish these came in as many fun colors as the small size but let's be honest, black and gold is probably more me. (Black, White, or Beige would match my wardrobe most.) 

Vintage Chanel Mini Flap

$1,800 is what I have seen it listed for 
with similar bags anywhere from $1,800 - $2,100

I have no info on what the original style name is - I need to do some more research as I am not familiar with purchasing Chanel second hand. I have a few sites that I know are reputable but as of now I have not purchased from them.

 I was inspired to take a look at vintage pieces after the giveaway that I co-hosted here on my blog. Found this fun little number and have been looking at it everyday since. This one is different than any of the other versions I've seen as it does not have the leather woven chain. I haven't seen this exact combo anywhere else. 
(I've seen similar bags but with the regular leather woven chain and a few bags that must be from the same collection that have the same x chain but different body. 
Still searching.) 

Also, this is from before they stopped making the gold plated CC clasps so that's exciting. :)

Wish me luck in my research! 

Retails $795

Personally not a huge fan of wedges, especially ones this high however I can not resist the appeal of these! Very similar set up to the Fortune sandals that Kourtney Kardashian made popular. I have been wanting those for years so when I saw these - instant interest! 
Again, I haven't tried these on yet but my other pair of Louboutin wedges are a 37 (7) which is my true size so I assume these will fit similarly.

Okay last couple of things - you know I am always a fan of House of Harlow jewelry so I am back at it again :)  

(I have these in Black Leather and LOVE THEM! See Here)

(I want these in the tan and possibly the turquoise as well but I want to see how I like these first)

Happy Lusting ; )



  1. ah i've been lusting over that saint laurent bag for a while now! Neimans has $50 off right now.. its not much but anything is better than nothing right? =P

  2. I have my eyes on the Saint Laurent bag as well!
    I would totally love a vintage Chanel bag too! =)

  3. The YSL and Chanel bag is so beautiful!!!