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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mom's Well Loved Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM - FOR SALE

Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM - FOR SALE

14.2" x 8.3" x 6.3" 

Retails $1,410
 (plus tax)

Available on or in any Louis Vuitton Store/Boutique.

As most of you know I am listing this for sale on behalf of my mother. She has used this bag for a few years now and really wants to upgrade to the LV Alma Damier (so the money will be going towards that purchase.) The bag is 100% Authentic and will come with Dustbag. Handles bear the brunt of the wear as can be seen in the photo. They have developed a deep patina and have softened over time. As most of you know this is just part of the vachetta aging process. Some people like it, others do not. It's really just a preference. 

Leather parts (handles, piping, etc.) can be replaced on LV bags but you need to bring it into an LV store to be given an estimate. This bag should really go to someone that does not mind patina because it is often very expensive to have the leather replaced. 

Interior is clean, no scuffs, rips, tears, or anything of that nature on the bag. Hardware shows normal wear. (I will try and post more pictures here but they will also be available by requests from serious buyers. 

Date Code is: VI2180 
(which means this bag was made the 28th week of 2010)

I will be accepting best offer as usual (Please have reasonable expectations - this bag won't be selling for $500 etc. If you've ever looked at what bags with patina sell for on Hautelook you will understand why on the pricing.) 
You can email me at 

I will accept PayPal for this particular transaction. 
(I will give out the PP address when we have agreed on terms.) 

Keep checking back here for photo updates - I'll try and post more up tonight - I just wanted to go ahead and get this up because my mom has been asking me about it >_<

Thanks so much for your interest and support! I appreciate it. 

(I also have a few pairs of Louboutins I may be listing here as well. You can check out my PoshMark Closet for a preview - prices would be lower if you wanted to buy through PayPal (which would be my preference) so if you see anything feel free to email me about pricing on any of those as well.) 


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